Rowing Bunnies Figurine Set of 3

Rowing Bunnies Figurine Set of 3

Item# TLT-4033
Why We Love This
These figurines are made of resin, a high-quality, resistant material that is going to last.

These figurines resemble adorable bunnies sailing, hand-painted with attention to detail

Each figurine is 1.25 inches tall, perfect as a decoration or an addition to one’s figurine collection

Coming in a set of 3, they are the perfect little present for your group of friends or the members of your family.

Product Details

These little Rowing Bunnies figurines are certainly going to impress any dear friend or family member on a special occasion or celebration.

Made of resin, a quality material, the figurines are water and scratch resistant and will last for a long period of time. The design creates a cute story of white little bunnies sailing in their leaf boats, with tiny leaves as a paddle. These figurines display impressive craftsmanship, which along with the hand-painting in beautiful colors and shades brings their story to life. Bunnies are a popular symbol in various cultures that usually represent luck, creativity, and inner power, and are associated with springtime and a new beginning.

Coming in a set of 3 figurines, each 1.25 inches tall, they will make a perfect little gift to yourself and your dear ones, who will surely enjoy them as a nice decoration on their library, desk, or nightstand, or as a unique and intricate addition to their miniature piece collection.
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