Baby Sheep Hat Cream

Baby Sheep Hat Cream

Item# PF7357
What Customers Are Saying
Absolutely beautiful hat! Top quality and adorable design. Made in Ireland is like icing on the cake! Highly recommend!

Product Details

  • A mix of 50% Nylon and 50% Acrylic blend together to create a hat that keeps your little one warm.
  • A mix of cream and brown fleece creates a sweet sheep face that stands out with an adorable smile.
  • Two cream and brown fleece ears pop out of the top of our sheep face hat for a cute added touch.
  • A cozy fleece material lines the inside of our knit sheep face hat trapping warmth and adding an extra layer.
  • Our sheep face knit hat has a unisex design that is perfect for the little boy or girl in your life.
  • You won’t be able to get over just how adorable our kids Patrick Francis sheep hat is. Our kid's hat, designed to look like a sheep face, makes a wonderful gift for any little one whether they are a boy or a girl. Our unisex kid's hat is just as soft as it looks with a mix of nylon and acrylic fibers that provides a soft stretch that gently hugs your little ones head in a comforting embrace. They’ll love it so much they won’t want to squirm out of our knit hat once it’s on.

    Our kids knit hat is expertly designed and perfectly captures the face of a little lamb. Two perky little ears pop out of the top of our kid's knit hat and stand at attention when worn. Soft cream and tan fleece add dimension to the 3D element of our kid's knit hat. The little ears at the top of our kid's knit hat lead into the cream-colored fleece that shapes the top of the sheep’s head. Tan colored fleece rounds out the shape of the sheep’s face and pops against the cream color of the hat.

    A sweet little sheep’s face smiles back at you when you look at our kid's sheep face hat. Two bright twinkling eyes look up at you, and an adorable little nose stitched from black thread trails down into a smile that you’ll find yourself smiling back at whenever you see it. Knit rows of cream stitches shape the rest of our kid's sheep face hat. The different textures of the knit and fleece material create a wonderful contrast further shaping the sheep’s face and making the design of the sheep’s face stand out.

    A trim of brown fleece lines the edges of our kid's sheep face hat and comfortably rests against your little one's skin. The inside of our sheep face hat is fully lined with cream fleece, making our hat a double-layered hat. The extra layer of the fabric enhances its heat retention and reduces the chance of cold winds cutting through the material and chilling your little one's skin. You won’t have to worry about your little one feeling the cold and all your little one will want to do is snuggle into our sheep face knit hat.

    The color and overall design of our kid's sheep face hat also pairs well with a multitude of colors and jacket styles. Pair it with a little jean or bomber jacket during the fall months or pair it with a puffer coat during the winter. However, you decide to dress up our kid's sheep face knit hat you can be sure that it will bring you joy every time your little one wears it.
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