Welsh Dragon Rope Wall Plaque from Royal Tara

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■ Perfect combo - Decorative wall plaque and coaster/pot stand
■ Convenient size: diameter of 7”/17cm
■ Made by Royal Tara - a well known manufacturer of quality and stylish Celtic crafts
■ Welsh motif rope plaque, with roots in the manuscripts of the ancient Celtic monks


Decorate your house with Welsh heritage and get to cherish your roots daily, with our Welsh Dragon Rope Wall Plaque from Royal Tara! A well known manufacturer for quality and style, Royal Tara is the producer of this eye-catching plaque holding deep meaning and cultural linkage. Our product was projected to combine finest quality materials, functionality and exquisite design. The plaque has a diameter of 7 inches or 17cm. Made of premium quality ceramic, this piece is ideal for prolonged use and guarantees to preserve its brand new condition over the years. Our plaque is very versatile allowing you to use it for very diverse functions. Firstly, as a wall plaque, this piece will look stunning in any place of your home or office, bringing a spark of Welsh culture in a delicate manner. Secondly, this piece is also a great coaster, its size being very convenient for holding cups or glasses. The design is very eye-appealing, with vibrant colors and the deep symbolistic behind the centerpiece - the Welsh dragon. Chosen as a symbol for Wales centuries ago, it is a tribute to victory in the past battles. The dragon has its paw clenched and raised high, as it would be ready for battle. The “cymru” inscription is the Welsh name for Wales. The design combines shades of green, blue and yellow, with strong red accents. The plaque is circled by a rope, which is helpful for easy hanging, but also a charming detail - the red color creates a beautiful contrast Braid your heritage into your daily habits and enjoy the practicality of our product!