Corrs Hard Shoes

If you are looking for durability, comfort, safety, and affordability in dance, our collection of Corr’s Hard shoes might be your ideal choice. These classic, innovative shoes are a favorite for dancers for one reason; they come ready to move. There’s a reason why Corrs Irish step shoes never get complaints, they are designed for perfection. Getting a pair of Corr’s Hard Shoes isn’t the easiest of tasks, you’ll probably miss them at your local Irish gift shop due to their popularity. However, at Keilys Irish Dance and Gifts, we’ve got you covered, and it doesn’t matter if you are looking for Corr’s Champion, Corr’s Eco-Flexi Economy or just some plain old Corr’s Hard shoes.
So, what separates Corr’s Irish Hard Shoes from the rest? For starters, Corr’s takes pride in designing and crafting shoes made with the dancer in mind. Corr’s takes a keen interest in producing Irish dance shoes that have high-quality standards, are safe, durable, and affordable. These are the core highlights that separate these Irish dance shoes from the rest. They are also designed and handcrafted carefully by dancers for the ultimate dance experience.  Corr’s hard shoes also have an additional 2-3 mm leather board made from the same material that is used in ballet pointe shoes. 
Depending on the type of Corr’s dance shoes you are looking to buy, you could choose between the Champion Hard Shoe and the Eco-Flexi Economy Hard shoe. 
The Corr’s Champion Hard Shoe has a split sole and is made especially for advanced dancers. It comes with latex padding with adjustable straps and a heel counter to prevent blisters. It’s designed with a breathable inside lining and flexible, soft and durable leather for maximum comfort and durability. 
The Corr’s Eco-Flexi Economy Hard Shoe, on the other hand, offers marvelous value and is the perfect choice for beginners and non-competitive dancers of all ages. These shoes are designed to offer safety and comfort across Corr’s range of Irish dance hard shoes. They come with protective padded in-socks with latex padding throughout, heel counters to prevent blisters and breathable interior lining. The in-socks are made from PU based foam that is carbonized to help in the prevention of athlete’s foot, odor, and fungi. Its also fitted with sweat-absorbent lining and are designed specially to fit size. 
Corr’s main objective is to offer dancers with the best quality Corr’s Hard Shoes at a reasonable pocket-friendly price. Corr’s Hard Shoe tips and heels are crafted from resin compounds. These compounds are much stronger compared to fiberglass. It is due to this quality in crafting that these iconic Irish dance shoes make for a much sharper, clearer, and crisper sound. Since the tips have been designed to be dense, they don’t necessarily have to be bulky or cumbersome as dance shoes made from fiberglass. Corr’s Hard shoe tips are uniquely angled for safer and easier toe walks and stand during dancing.
Corr’s Hard Shoes are sold and supplied by Keilys Irish Dance and Gifts. The first ever Corr’s shoes were introduced back in the spring of 2001 by Julian Wild to existing dancewear distributors in New England. There was a need for handcrafted Irish shoes that were designed for comfort and safety ideal for the next generation of Irish dancers. Julian, the founder, had a long successful career as a professional dancer and had inside intelligence on the rigors and physical stresses that are characteristic in the demands in the glorious art of dance.  Corr’s the brand which was his prototype shoes are named after his mother’s maiden name. The success of the shoes has earned the company an abundance of loyal and appreciative customers.