Irish Kids Apparel

If you are looking to spruce up your little one’s wardrobe with some fresh Irish finds our collection of kid’s apparel is just the place to find some Irish pieces for your little one’s closet. We carry a wonderful selection of adorable Irish finds that will suit you and child’s needs no matter what season or occasion your shopping for your little one. All you need to do is scroll through our kid’s apparel section to find the specific kid’s clothing types you are looking for. Our kid’s apparel section is where you will find our collection of baby apparel, toddler apparel, and children’s clothing.
Our selection of baby apparel includes all of the cozy finds you could need for your little one including onesies, t-shirts, sweaters, socks. You can search our kid’s apparel section to find the perfect baby shower gift for your expectant friend or the perfect gift to add to your gift registry for your own little one. Our knit baby apparel is made from 100% merino wool, and all of our merino wool items are soft enough to rest against baby’s skin without irritating their sensitive skin. While cute knit caps and merino wool sweaters offer full protection from the cold keeping them warm and cozy. You’ll also find great Irish baby accessories within our kid’s apparel section. Things like cozy merino wool knit blankets that make perfect snuggle buddies and crib adornments for your little one. You can also find baby bibs with fun prints, knit hats, knit booties, and warm mittens.
Our kids apparel section also includes great items for toddlers and young kids. A wonderful selection of Aran knit sweaters for kids can be found in our kid’s apparel section. All of our kid’s Aran knit sweaters are made 100% from ultra-soft merino wool. Merino wool has many great properties to its fibers that makes it great for clothing your child. The wool is great at retaining a stable body heat so you will never worry about your little one getting cold as their cozied up in our Aran knit sweaters.
Merino wool is also great at releasing unnecessary heat so your child will always be a perfect temperature, not too hot and not to cold. It also has the added benefit of being naturally fire retardant, a great quality to have when it comes to children’s clothing. So not only will our kids knit sweaters look and feel good on your child, but they’ll also be adding some extra protection to your child from the elements. Our kid’s knit sweaters come in multiple styles that you and your kids will love. Find hand knit Aran button up cardigans and closure free knit cardigans. Knit hoodies and capes for kids can also be found in our kid’s apparel section.
We also have a great selection of hats for kids available. Your kids can show their Irish pride with our kid’s Irish baseball caps, soft knit caps, and specialty novelty hats in our kid’s apparel section. Shop for other kids accessories that can also be found in our kid’s apparel section, like scarves, mittens, kid’s Irish sportswear tops, themed hoodies, and trinkets.
We during a time where wonderful children’s apparel is being created in specialty styles that really help your kids to shine and allow their individual personalities to be highlighted. You can have so much fun mixing and matching unique Irish kids garments to create a collection of clothes your little one will be eager to jump into in the morning. Browse through the categories in our kid’s apparel selection to find adorable irish clothing for your kids.