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To look, feel, and perform your best at your next feis, make sure you're polished from head to toe with the finest Irish dance accessories! Keily’s Irish Dance & Gifts can provide you with beautiful, voluminous curls and updos that give a dramatic flair to your look. An elegant Irish dance wig ensures you won’t have to spend hours in curlers or wrestling with an iron. Don't forget to add sparkle with a glittering tiara or Irish dance headband adorned with colorful crystals that adds extra glamour that the judges will be sure to notice!

Over the years, various costumes have been worn during Irish dancing performances, but one accessory has become increasingly popular in recent times, wigs. But why are wigs worn in Irish dancing? The habit of wearing wigs in Irish dancing dates back to the early 20th century when women would style their hair in a bun and place this accessory over it. One of the main reasons why wigs are worn in Irish dancing is to create a uniform look. Irish dancing costumes are often very elaborate, and the addition of a wig ensures that all dancers have the same hairstyle. Another reason why wigs are popular in Irish dancing is that they allow dancers to showcase their footwork without any distractions. Dancers can move freely without worrying about their hair getting in the way or falling out of place.

The majority of Irish dance wigs have curly patterns. The origin of the curly wig in Irish dance dates back to the 18th and 19th centuries, when Irish dance was performed in the homes and villages of Ireland. At that time, it was fashionable for women to wear their hair in tight, curly ringlets, and this style was adopted by Irish dancers as part of their costume. The curly wig is worn to enhance the dancer's performance by adding height and volume to their appearance.

Large Irish Dance Wigs & Headbands Selection

Keilys provides a wide range of qualitative wigs with voluminous curls, designed in various styles, from bun wigs to medium and long ones. This variety of colors, lengths, and styles, ensure dancers can choose the wig that best complements their costume. Some dancers opt for natural-looking wigs that mimic their own hair, while others choose bright and bold colors that add an extra element of flair to their performance.

Headbands have long been a staple accessory in Irish dancing. These simple yet elegant bands not only serve as a fashion statement, but also have practical uses in keeping the dancer's hair in place during their performance. Headbands also have a cultural significance in Irish dancing. They are often adorned with intricate Celtic knotwork, adding a touch of Irish heritage to the dancer's outfit. These designs can be simple or elaborate, depending on the dancer's personal style and preference. Keilys offers many Celtic and Irish headband options for dancers to choose from. These versatile accessories are designed with qualitative silver-toned frames and adorned with various colored rhinestones that offer a dazzling appearance to complement any Irish costume. These Celtic headbands are designed with consideration to their cultural significance and are presented in a beautiful polish. They are made from durable metal, and the designs are carefully crafted to give the wearer a clean and elegant appeal. These accessories also feature Celtic motifs, like the Trinity knot, as a representation of faith and the Holy Trinity. A headband also brings out a touch of personality to the wearer and when used during cultural presentations and formal Celtic events, gives off an authentic feel to a performance. Shop at Keilys for the best Irish dance wigs and Celtic Irish headbands and get everything you need to prepare for the competition.