Highland Ghillies

Highland Ghillies & Dancing Pumps

Highland dancing is an energetic and very technical dance style that involves stamina, agility, mobility, and the right technique, of course. Highland dancing is performed mostly in Scotland, but also outside Scotland, there are a number of competitions and dance schools, including the diaspora of the United States which is the biggest one. Scottish Highland dancing which is a solo form of dance should not be confused with Scottish country dancing which is a group style of dance with two or more pairs of dancers, even though dancers use and share similar elements.
Highland dancers perform on the balls of their feet, which is why they need a lot of acrobatic work and there are typically cases of injuries to their feet. Whoever is familiar with the highland dancers knows how high is the risk of injury for this form of dance. For Highland dancing, male and female dancers use durable highland ghillies. They are almost always full black, while colored stitching and eyelets are also featured as variations for the classical design. Highland ghillies usually need to fit comfortably on the feet, but at the same time dancers need to be able to get around thick socks or hoses on the foot as well. For a beautiful stage appearance on official holidays or championships, dancers usually wear their ghillies very tight and with thin and colorful socks or stockings.

Keily's Range of Highland Dancing Pumps & Ghillies

Our selection of Scottish highland dancing pumps consists of ghillies carefully crafted by specialists in highland dancing to provide maximum comfort, flexibility, and other features only dancers know. They focused on designing ghillie shoes with the most advantageous amount of padding, the right type of sock for different types of uses. Our highland ghillies are optimal and appeal to both beginners and advanced Highland dancers, combining necessary features of shoes in a more or less advanced level. These highland dancing pumps are crafted using a soft and durable leather upper and full white sole. Stitching of the ghillies comes in various color combinations, making it a strong and differentiating criterion to pay attention to when choosing the shoes.
Keily’s Irish Dance provides a couple of options for highland dance ghillies, being suitable for those who prefer classic designs and colors, and for those who want to stand out with colorful elements in the design.
James Roy Highland Ghillie Shoes with Black Stitching - these flexible and long-lasting shoes are made with extra double padding under the ball of the foot area for extra comfort and come with black stitching.
James Roy Scottish Highland Dance Ghillie with Red Stitching - these ghillie shoes come with a fully-padded in-sock and full red stitching. Ideal for a modern twist on the traditional ghillie design.
Wild Scottish Dancing Ghillie what makes these highland dancing pumps different from the other ghillies is its single white oval patch sole over the ball-of-foot area providing a free experience of dancing. Also, the ingenious EVA padding offers non-obtrusive protection allowing for more control over the steps for dancers.