Irish Wall Plaques

An Irish home or the business interior is not complete with a wall plaque that shows the cultural affinity of the owners. Because Irish people are known to be one of the most patriotic people in the world, having a wall décor to give life to your living space is something that will never go out of fashion. Hanging wall art is something every home or business will not do without, whether it is has a Claddagh design or an old Irish blessing.
An Irish wall plaque is undoubtedly something every Irish home should have to showcase their heritage and be proud of. The Celtic Kingdom was bestowed with one of the most vibrant cultures and familial legacy in the world. Every family has a different set of lineage which culminates to the uniqueness of a community.
But despite the diversity, every person professes a deep patriotism to this unique culture. Irishmen and women are seen to be one of the most nationalistic countries with most families displaying their legacy through artworks and framed wall plaques to show their connection to the Irish culture.
With greens and bloody reds to decorate your interior, these wall hangings can be the centerpiece of attention. It can also be the talk of your guests to show how closely related you are to the homeland and ideal enough to improve the interior design of your house or office space.
Each wall masterpiece is decorated with symbols and messages that are known in the Irish tradition and has become part of our cultural heritage. Among the designs are the Claddagh or fáinne Chladaig representing love, friendship, and loyalty. This 17th-century symbol has been passed down from generation to generation and can be a great addition to show your sincere devotion to your family and friends.
The Tree of Life has been a great symbol of harmony and natural balance and the Old Irish Clarsach, which dates back to several centuries, has been considered as the official emblem of the Shamrock country. Both symbols tell the story of Ireland and can be an excellent addition to your house or business décor. On top of being nationalistic, these wall plaques are designed to bring a new meaning to the old tradition of Irish nationalism. It brings life and shapes the national identity of the country and instills an intense devotion to every child’s mind.
Bringing life to your interior and exterior wall can be achieved by using an intricately detailed wood resin wall plaque touching on a subject that is deeply embedded in the heart of Irish folklore. The triple Goddess, for instance, is an overcast of the previous pagan beliefs of three distinct deities united in one corporal being. This type of intricately designed wall plaque can be the highlight of your wall, giving life to a mundane space.
The Elemental Celtic Cross, for one, also possesses the ideal vision of what the Irish culture is about. Abounding with significant symbols, this cross with its celestial arch embodies the true meaning of the Celtic belief and its cultural endowment to the Irish world. Such cross with a wealth of details can be the center of attention, giving you a view of the distinct Irish tradition and passion for cultural representation.
Each wall plaque is designed to bring vibrancy to a living space with intricately designed details to capture the real essence of the Irish traditions. There is a variety of finish to choose from which can be used to complement the real vision of an Irish home. Intricate patterns and designs bring a touch of the Celtic influence, making your living space more homely. Colorful patterns are inspired by old traditions found in manuscripts and ancient writings.