Irish Christmas

Christmas is undoubtedly Ireland’s largest celebration of the year, and 8th December is traditionally viewed as the start of Christmas. We all know Christmas is all about Christmas trees, gifts, decoration and family, and what better way to lighten up the mood than with our unique set of Irish Christmas gifts and crafts. It’s almost impossible to feel the Christmas vibe without any decorations, and more so, an Irish Christmas. Our classic collection of Irish Christmas decorations, gifts, and crafts will transform your living spaces into an authentic traditional Christmas celebrated in Ireland. We have a variety of crafts you can get to spice up your home and also to give as gifts for your loved ones. Your visiting family can also take back with them a few as souvenirs to remember the wonderful times they spent with you in your home.
So, what makes this collection of Irish Christmas wares special? Well, unlike any Christmas decoration you would get anywhere in the world, this selection consists of authentic custom designed décor, and gift items. They are unique to Irish culture with its Irish twist in it. They are designed and crafted with some of the leading Irish artisans, and come with a strong build for durability. Christmas is a time to give, and we understand this could easily take a toll on your finances. However, our unique Christmas crafts are affordable, and you didn't have to spend a fortune getting everyone you love a piece. These classic Irish decorations all come with unique designs and symbols that are representative of Irish culture and heritage; from Guinness decorations to Cead Mile Failte baubles we have crafts to suit everyone’s taste and desires. These Irish gifts and decorations also come in sizable proportions; they are not too big to look awkward in your space or too small to be insignificant.
Depending on what type of Irish Christmas gift or craft you are looking to get for your home, we have a variety to choose from to suit everyone’s tastes. They include:
Irish Dancer Decorations: There is a variety to choose from including the Irish Dancer with a green or red dress, we also have an “Until we meet again’ Santa figuring, that makes a perfect Irish Christmas gift or souvenir.
Royal Tara Shamrock Christmas Decoration: This unique China Christmas decoration has Irish Trellis Shamrock patterns that give it cultural value. St. Patrick used the Shamrock to explain the holy trinity to Christians, and in the spirit of Christmas, this decoration will transform your living space.
Watervale Bell Decoration: Its an iconic piece with a well deserving message, “Wherever you go and whatever you do, may the luck of the Irish be there with you. “This Christmas gift is ideal as a gift as well as a decoration due to its cultural significance.
Cead Mile Failte Bauble: This is perhaps one of the most iconic Irish crafts in this collection, “Cead Mile Failte” means ‘one hundred thousand welcomes’ and is a term used to show generosity and Irish hospitality to guests. This Irish Christmas craft makes the perfect decoration for anyone visiting you during the festive season.
Our unique selection of iconic Irish Christmas crafts and wares are sold and supplied by Keilys Irish Dance and Gifts. Keilys is a world leader in the distribution and sales of authentic Irish crafts. They take pride in the promotion of Irish Culture through their unique Irish crafts and wares. Keilys sources its wares from some of the leading Irish craft houses and artisans in Ireland. In case you are looking for unique Irish Christmas decors or crafts for giving or to transform your living spaces, check out our collection below!