Irish Tin Whistles

Everyone loves music; it speaks to our hearts and calms our minds. Check out our amazing collection of Irish Tin Whistles from Keilys Irish Dance and Gifts. This collection consists of the best-selling Irish whistles in Ireland. Made from the finest materials, these whistles have been handcrafted to produce the perfect whistle sound, making this collection one of the most popular in the entire planet. Better yet, these Irish whistles can be gifted to loved ones; they make fantastic collector's items considering the Celtic markings engraved on them. You could also get them for young children looking to get acquainted with music.
So, what makes these Irish Whistles any better? Well, for starters, these classic Irish whistles have a timeless appeal that makes them unique. They also come with a handbook that will help learn how to effectively play the Irish whistle. The Irish Tin Whistles have a unique history that goes back to the 17th century. However, it is believed that the people of Ireland used whistles as far back as the 12th century. Fragments of 12-century whistles bines have been extracted in Ireland, and an intact clay whistle from the 14th century was excavated from Scotland. These Irish whistles played an integral part of several folk traditions and were used by famous traditional whistlers such as Sean Potts, Mary Bergin, Joanie Madden, and several others.
Our collection of Irish Tin whistles are made of brass with some having nickel plating with brass tubing. These classic set of Tin Whistles are also inexpensive; you don’t have to dent your saving to own one. However, they are most ideal for children looking to start the whistle, making them perfect gifts during birthdays. Since whistlers improve over time, becoming more discerning regarding the tone, tuning, and overall quality of their instruments, our Irish whistle is designed with quality materials to that effect.
Depending on the type of whistle you are looking to buy, we have a variety in stock including:
Waltons D Penny Whistle: This Tin Whistle is supplied with an instructional leaflet. They are perhaps the best-selling whistles in Ireland and are available in the Keys of D and C. They are designed with high-quality material for the perfect pitch sound.
Twin Pak Whistle and Book: this iconic Tin whistle pack comes with a Waltons brass D whistle and an easy to use instructional book translated to six different languages. This whistle is available in Keys of D and C. Waltons American Tin Whistle CD Pack: This American Pack comes with a demonstration CD and a Key D whistle. It also has a diagrammed instruction leaflet that users can use to learn how to play this particular whistle. This pack is available in the keys of D and C.
Waltons Scottish Tin Whistle Twin Pack: This Irish Whistle pack comes with a Key D whistle fully-programmed with instructions to help you learn how to play. It is available in Keys D and C and crafted from the highest quality materials.
Our collection of Walton Irish Tin Whistles is sold and supplied by Keilys Irish Dance and Gifts. Waltons Music was founded back in the 1920s and currently distributes for top agencies such as Kurzweil, Zoom, Lag, Dunlop, SX Guitars and many more. In 2005, Waltons launched one of Ireland’s largest online music stores, making it possible for its clientele could buy pianos and books online. Keilys Irish Dance and Gifts is a leader in the supply of authentic Irish crafts and wares. They take pride in promoting Irish culture and heritage by selling authentic Irish products — check out our selection of Irish Tin Whistles for the best quality and affordable prices.