Rutherford Dance Shoes

Rutherford Irish Dancing Shoes

If you are not new to dance, then you have probably heard of Rutherford dance shoes. Rutherford products are world famous for producing just about anything that involves Irish dance, from Irish dancing shoes, Irish accessories to Irish dancewear. Rutherford Irish dance shoes are quite popular in the dance music scene and feature professional design and construction. Their iconic sound blaster tips and Hytech heels are a favorite for many dance teachers, dance students, and professional dancers. You could easily recognize Rutherford Irish dancing shoes due to their unique, stylish design. In case you are looking to own a pair, we’ve got you covered. At Keily’s Irish Dance and Gifts, we stock a variety of Rutherford dance shoes from Rutherford soft to Rutherford hard shoes. 

Highest Quality Irish Dance Shoes at a Competitive Price 

So, what really makes Rutherford dance shoes stand out among other Irish dance shoes? Well, for starters, Rutherford shoes have been around for years; they understand the dance community more than anyone. They also design and craft only the highest quality Irish dance shoes at a very competitive price. Their popular sound blaster tips, which are perhaps the loudest tip you could find anywhere are a darling to dancers all over. Like any good Irish dance product, Rutherford dance shoes have been designed for durability and longevity, with an extra reinforced sole. These Irish shoes are recommended by professional dancers as well as dance teachers. They also bring a mix of new edge tech with a traditional look and feel, something you won’t find out there. These dance shoes are designed to fit size; it doesn’t matter if they come a little tight, the leather upper has been specially crafted to stretch a bit over time. 
We carry both Rutherford hard shoes and soft shoes, so we know you will find the perfect pair to suit your needs and preferences. 

 Rutherford Hard Shoes Selection 

Rutherford Hard Shoes: There are a variety of Rutherford hard shoes in stock, such as the Super Black Suede Sole Flexi Sound Blaster, Mega Flex with 1Heel technology, the Super Flexi White jig shoes, the Light Sole Flexi jig shoe, and the Inish jig Shoe Fiberglass Heels Beginners Shoes. Rutherford Irish dancing hard shoes are known for one thing—they are hardy and durable. Like all Rutherford shoes, they are tech-inspired for the ultimate dance floor experience. 

 Rutherford Soft Shoes Selection 

Rutherford Soft Shoes: There are several Rutherford Soft shoes that you can choose from, such as the Rutherford Ghillies with Tan Leather soles, the Rutherford Black Suede Sole Ghillies, and the Rutherford Cavan Pumps. Unlike most Soft shoes in the dance industry, Rutherford dance shoes use only unique material offer the best quality for durability and longevity. While they still carry a traditional dance shoe design, they are designed for efficiency and perfection. Rutherford takes pride in receiving suggestions from its valued customers and redesigning its products to suit its user's tastes and desires. If you are looking to up your dance game, you better grab some Rutherford dance shoes!
Rutherford Dance Shoes are sold and supplied by Keily’s Irish Dance and Gifts. Rutherford’s has been around for quite some time and started as a one-man operation back in the 1970s. John Rutherford, the founder of Rutherford dance shoes and products, got the inspiration to begin this venture from his five children who were dancers.  He saw the need to upgrade the quality of sound and durability of the already existent plastic tips and heels in the competitive end of Irish dancing. After experimenting with his children’s shoes, it was an instant hit around the dance school, and word soon spread like wildfire.