Guinness Caps

For all of the hat lovers out there we have an awesome collection of Guinness caps for the choosing. All of your favorite styles of hats can now be found here with the logo of the beloved Irish stout Guinness or the Arthur Guinness Signature. But our Guinness caps aren’t just regular old hats, they are all specially designed with fun logos and designs. Look through our selection of Guinness baseball caps, Guinness beanies, Guinness wool hats, and flat top caps to find your perfect cap.

Guinness Baseball Caps

At the beginning of the creation of baseball caps, they were originally made from straw and eventually turned into a wool visor. After a few years, the design began to change to eventually include the closed cap tops that they are known for today. Because of their prevalence in the baseball world, they were dubbed baseball caps but today they have become so much more. They’re a way to represent your favorite team or slogan on a day to day basis and they are worn almost anywhere and are a favorite among all hat styles
Our Guinness baseball caps are expertly crafted and designed to rest perfectly on your head. With six panels of stiffer cotton stitched together, our baseball caps can easily retain their shape whether on your head or not. The curved bill protects your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun and is perfect for sunny days spent out on the field watching your favorite team play. Most of our caps come with an adjustable strap on the back so that you can find your perfect fit. You won’t have to worry about stretching out the rim of your hat and you can be sure you will have our Guinness baseball hats for years to come.

Guinness Beanies Hats Selection

If you enjoy wearing beanies our selection of Guinness beanies offers the perfect fit. The majority of our items are short beanies that contour to the shape of your head and are not meant to be cuffed. They come in a range of colors with the Guinness logo displayed on the front lower half of the hat. You can find solid color beanies as well as patterned beanies in our collection of Guinness beanies. We also carry long fold-over knit beanies in a thicker knit.
Beanie style hats have always been a favorite cold-weather hat among the masses. They are most known for being able to fit onto any size head. Their soft knit fabric means that they can easily flex and mold without destroying their shape or uncomfortably hugging your head. They trap the heat that emits from your head protecting you from the cold and shielding your ears from harsh winds, all while keeping you looking stylish.

Guinness Flat Caps Ideas

We also have options for people who like a more traditional cap. Our Guinness flat caps are a cap that has survived the test of time. The shape and style of the caps are easily identifiable and popular to wear among both men and women. The long sloping edge creates a clean line that extends down into its curved bill. Our Guinness flat caps can be dressed up for a special occasion or dressed down for a casual night out. Flat caps are the hat of choice among many people, they carry a vintage feel to them that looks good on any head shape.
All of our Guinness caps make great additions to your wardrobe. Our Guinness flat caps can be worn on a day on the green or out to tea with friends for a semi-casual look. While our Guinness baseball caps and beanies can be worn out to the pub or out on the field. Browse our large selection of Guinness Caps and Hats and find the style of cap that fits you.