Irish Kitchen

The kitchen is an integral part of any home, and nothing makes it more homely than a few decent crafts to spice up the mood. Our unique collection of Irish crafts will give your home a fresh new touch. This collection consists of Salt shakers, Spoon Rests, Pepper sets, and Kitchen towel holders. Our collection of Irish kitchen crafts are made and designed with quality authentic material, apart from their unique, stylish designs, they also come with Celtic symbols representative of Irish culture and way of life. If you are looking for the perfect gift for a kitchen enthusiast, you have landed gold with this unique collection.
Why would you get this unique collection of Irish Kitchen crafts? For starters, these unique classy Irish Kitchen crafts are stylish, each item has its unique appeal and feel- not forgetting its cultural symbolism. They also come with unique quality builds that are destined to last a lifetime in your kitchen. To have a clean kitchen is one thing, but an admirable kitchen is better. Your guests and family will always enjoy the creative décor and appeal these crafts bring. Our Kitchen crafts have deep rooted meaning in Celtic customs, the Leprechaun, Black Sheep, and Shamrock carries deep messages unique to Irish traditions and customs. They also make great souvenirs for visiting friends and family.
Getting them this memorable Irish kitchen crafts will remind them of the authentic Irish food giving them a sense of belonging. These Irish Kitchen crafts are sizable, not too big to look awkward in your kitchen or too tiny to be insignificant. They are sizable enough to bring the radiant ambiance you are looking to have in your kitchen. Best of all, our Irish Kitchenware is affordable; you don’t have to dig deep in your savings to own a few items.
Depending on what you are looking to get for your kitchen or your loved one, we have a variety of crafts available including:
Irish Black Sheep Salt and Pepper Shaker: This salt shaker comes in in a unique black and white sheep design. It made of ceramic, and the black sheep has a shamrock adorned on its backside. This Irish Salt and Pepper Shaker is an ideal gift item as well as décor.
Leprechaun and Pot of Gold Salt and Pepper Shakers: This item is perhaps the most iconic of our Irish Kitchen Crafts. This salt and pepper shaker are designed to resemble a leprechaun and a pot of gold — a true representation of Irish culture folklore. Its iconic design makes it a definite marvel of the kitchen as well as a unique gift.
Ireland Sheep Kitchen Towel and Pot Holder: A truly instrumental Irish Kitchen piece, it's more functional than décor, however, the sheep with a Shamrock stuck on its back gives it cultural value. It makes a pleasant piece to look at in your Kitchen.
Irish Black Sheep Spoon Rest: It’s a simple but functional Irish Kitchen item. Looks good in your kitchen and adds some cultural value to your space. The black sheep with a Shamrock symbol on its back gives it cultural value as well as an aesthetic appeal.
Our unique Irish Kitchen crafts are sold and supplied by Keilys Irish Dance and Gifts. Keilys is a global leader in the supply of authentic Irish crafts and wares. They take pride in promoting Irish culture by selling 100% authentic products from Ireland. Keilys Irish Dance and Gifts sources its merchandise from leading craft houses and artisans in Ireland. In case you are looking for Irish Kitchen crafts to spice up your kitchen space or give as a gift to someone special, check out our collection today!