Dance Accessories

Why do people love dancing so much? Why do we go the extra mile in choosing the right Irish dance accessories, clothing, and equipment in pursuit of their passion?
To some, the answer is obvious. They dance to be physically fit. They dance to find mental clarity. They dance to be emotionally stable. And though each dancer has their reasons, all these can be lumped into one holistic and all-encapsulating reason – dancing lifts the hearts and the spirits!
Sometimes we can’t put these reasons into words but we can’t stop ourselves from tapping our feet to that one Irish pulse or melody accompanied by the samba rhythm percussion.
Dancing is a translator for our hearts and this is also a medium we use to show the whole world who we are and what can we achieve in this life. Through dancing, we get in touch with our essence and we are reminded that we are extraordinary beings. We know this by heart but sometimes it needs a beat to be reminded.
It’s the same thing with national dances. Aside from being expressions of human heart and spirit, these dances are also a mirror of the nation’s culture, history, roots, and rich heritage. Its peculiar moves, accessories, and clothing can bring the generations together and bridge the gap among them.
And how else can we express ourselves better than with the right outfit and right Irish dance accessories to match our burning desire to dance? Why we should have a proper Irish dance outfit and accessories?
In as far as our Irish accessories are concerned, they should match our outfits well and it wouldn’t hurt if our dance accessories help us stand out in the crowd. Irish dances are categorized into two – figure and solo dances. The latter are dances which are performed these days in competitions and exhibitions requiring skills and experience. The former, on the other hand, is easy and simple to dance. It only requires knowledge of the basic steps. These dances are showcased in social and recreational events. Anyone who has experienced coming to a ceili may attest to this. Beginners in Irish dances are graded into Grade A to C, with A as the most novice.
Dancing with the right outfit and Irish dance accessories will not only make you more confident, but it can also show how dedicated and passionate you are in your craft. Whether you’re looking for reel laces, jig laces, broaches, elastics, or custom buckles, we got you covered. It can also add fun to your whole dancing experience. If you want to show the world that you dance and you’re pretty proud of it, you can just show off your dancing bag. Let us help you make your Irish dancing experience totally fun and relaxing – check our Irish dance accessories below.
Having a bag where you can put in all your dancing essentials is very practical. You can keep and organize all the items you need for dancing in a single storage. Aside from your garment bag, there will be other accessories that will come in handy for you such as shoe odor control absorber, shoe rosin, stretch units, sock glue, and elastics. We have an extensive list of personalized buckles, some shiny and shimmery enough for you to stand out, and nicely-colored jig laces.
Our Irish dance accessories are from stretchy, breathable, and lightweight fabrics that will provide utmost comfort and ease in movement. They can be personalized by embellishing it with your embroidered name and with some charms you like.