Antonio Pacelli

 Antonio Pacelli Hard and Soft Irish Dance Shoes 

The Antonio Pacelli Irish Dance Shoes can be synonymous to Ireland’s traditional dance. A pair of the brand’s footwear is what comes to mind when talking about being comfortable when dancing the famous stepdance.
As an important part of the Irish culture, the dance is still being cultivated by performing it in different gatherings. The dancers clad in colorful costumes make their way to the stage with several types of jigs. They could be doing the light jig, heavy jig, hornpipe, and reel. While dancing and giving some taps, they would make a certain formation. They could be performing doing the line form, circle or square.
When dancing Ireland’s world-renowned steps, you would be wearing two major types of footwear. The first type is the Ghillies & Reel shoes, while the other is the “reel shoes.” Both of these types are soft. However, the latter can be likened to jazz shoes because of their materials. They are made of black leather and with fiberglass heels.
If you are an Irish dance performer, you must be looking for a pair that can last until the end of your performance. Comfort is an essential attribute you should seriously consider. Of course, quality is an important consideration as well.
If these are the things you are looking for in <a href="">dancing shoes</a>, you do not need to think of other brands anymore! The Antonio Pacelli Irish Dance Shoes speak of utmost comfort and durability. Aside from these, these jig shoes are also offered in many variants. These include the the Loop Pumps, Gazelle Pumps, Eclipse Pumps, Ava Pumps, and Essential Pumps. At Keily’s, you can pick, too, Antonio Pacelli’s Ultraflexi range of jig shoes: Concorde and Liberty Shoes.
With this wide array of selections, you will surely find the one you are looking for. And with the maker’s years of experience and expertise, you will never go wrong with Antonio Pacelli. Thus, we take pride in carrying this brand in our catalog. 
Do you know that this manufacturer has been producing high-quality shoes for four decades already? By being a shoe-maker for such a long time, it has already mastered the craftsmanship that every Irish dancer wants.
It does not matter whether you are a beginner or have already won a world championship title in dancing. A pair of the Antonio Pacelli Irish Dance Shoes is your best ally no matter what level of dance expertise you have. Our Irish dance shoes are made of high-quality materials making them last longer than other brands.  Soft genuine leather adds more comfort when worn. The insoles of our Eclipse dance pumps have insoles padded with medical grade poron to absorb the shock on joints.
<ul>Choosing Antonio Pacelli Irish Dance Shoes is the best decision you can make when it comes to performing the traditional steps.  Our Loop pumps are made for any Irish dance performer. In fact, it can be the perfect pair for a beginner who is still trying to build on strength. Our Gazelle pumps are designed to retain the traditional look of a classic Irish dancer.
Nevertheless, it has a few modern touches in design to present a more creative look. Our Ava pumps’ pre-lasted arch shape allows the Irish dancers to achieve a perfect arch effortlessly. Our Ultralite – Corcorde and Ultralite - Liberty pumps boast of craftsmanship that enables their wearers to execute toe maneuvers with ease. Our Essential pumps come with suede sole for added comfort since this material is softer than 100% leather. As such, the dancer enjoys more flexibility.