Door Knockers

Get the awesome benefits of brass directly into your home, with our daily home-use items made of brass. Brass is binary alloy created by melting copper and zinc together and has been in mass-production since centuries due to its workability, hardness, longevity and attractive appearance. On top of that, the alloy can also be formed into desired shapes and forms while retaining high strength, which is known as the property of ‘high machinability’. Due to this ‘high machinability’, brass is widely used to create daily items for home-use such as utensils, frames, hangers, etc. It is in this same vein that we bring to you our marvelous brass goodies. Our collection includes varying items for daily-use, which not only make your home more beautiful and breathtaking but also grace it with superior durability and toughness. Our brass items are artifacts of exceptional durability and hardness. They won’t break with simple falls and drops and always last for years. This makes them a one-time investment which allows you to productively use your money for the better. After which, you can rest easy for a long time, knowing that you made a sound investment, which will give you innumerable returns for a long span of time. Our brass items are crafted in such an elegant and expert manner that they remain guarded against further corrosion, a valuable property in objects that are exposed to moisture and weathering. Also, they have an exquisite gold-like appearance, which gives them the double benefit of being exceptional in quality and graceful in appearance making them perfect as wedding gifts or anniversary gifts. This way, you get the best bang for your bucks and we get the immense satisfaction of giving you our best.
Although several forms of brass have been in regular use since pre-historical times, its true nature as a copper-zinc alloy was not understood until the post-medieval period, as the zinc vapor which reacted with copper to make brass was not recognized as a metal. But now, the direct alloying of copper and zinc metal, called ‘speltering’, is used to create these exceptional alloys, allowing us to proudly present various high-quality items crafted from this awesome alloy. Our items have a perfect dimension and are well-suited for everyday use. They are crisp, magnificent, strong and majestic and give-off an aura of reliability and trust, just what we need in our daily home-use items. The elegant artifacts that we crafted with absolute diligence and focus are waiting for you to welcome them into your household. They bring the qualities of strength, trust and toughness into your home and turn it into a safe-haven protected from day-to-day stress and other feelings of distress. Our articles are extremely water-resistant, immune from rusting and completely anti-corrosive, making them ideal for indoor, as well as outdoor use in your backyard or patio. Having a huge competitive advantage of being superior to similar home hardware, our brass articles are the perfect replacement for your down-trodden and damaged home items.
Brass is also an antimicrobial agent and has an inherent ability to pulverize a wide range of microbes rapidly. It is the same reason why brass is used in places such as hospitals and labs. Due to its ability to reduce any chances, probabilities and possibilities of infection, items such as doorknobs, handrails and door knockers have been traditionally crafted out of brass. When we have elders or small children in the house, who are more prone to catching deadly infections, replacing your maximum-touch areas like mirrors, hooks, doorknobs and doorknockers with items made of brass is an intelligent choice. Brass protects the people you cherish and makes sure that all harmful microbes stay away from them.
Check out our singular collection now and give your home the gift of having our elegant and exquisite brass artifacts.