Buckles & Clips

Dancing is part of Ireland’s culture as much as shamrocks and the color green. Irish dancing is a unique and energetic style that has gained popularity worldwide, especially recently through the famous show Riverdance. What better way to showcase your skill as a dancer, and capture everyone’s attention than with the Keilys Irish dance buckles and Irish number clips selection.

The origins of Irish dancing can be traced back to prehistoric times when the Celts first arrived in Ireland. The Celts brought with them a love of music, dance, and storytelling, which became a significant part of Irish culture. The early Irish dances were often performed as part of religious or social ceremonies and were a way to celebrate and express joy. As time went on, Irish dancing evolved into different styles, including solo step dancing, ceili dancing (group dancing), and set dancing (social dances performed by four couples). Since the 19th century, Irish dancers can display their skills in competitions, where they also use these Irish dance buckles and number clips to embellish their dancing costumes. No matter the style of this traditional dance, the right Irish shoes and accessories are vital for any performance!

 Irish Dance Buckles for Ghillies and Hard Shoes 

Irish dancing shoes have a unique shape that allows dancers to freely move, or make rhythmic sounds with the soles, and also to accessorize. One crucial component of Irish dance shoes is the buckle. Properly fitted dance shoe buckles ensure that the dancer's feet are secure, preventing slippage or movement that could compromise their balance or performance. They also serve as a decorative element, unique for each dancer since they customize the shape, color, and design of these accessories according to preference, adding to the overall appearance of the shoe. 

Number clips are now an essential accessory for Irish dancers competing at feiseanna all over the world. They allow dancers to easily display their competition number, ensure accurate scoring, and provide a level of professionalism and organization to the competition. Taping the shoes is also particularly common in competitive Irish dancing, where the dancers' movements are often very fast and precise, requiring a secure grip on the dance floor. The tape provides an extra layer of grip, which helps prevent the shoes from slipping or sliding on the floor, allowing the dancer to execute their moves with more confidence and control. Keilys offers a variety of buckles and number clips that are designed to be easily adjustable and come in various styles, perfect for dancers to add a personal touch to their costumes. 

If you’re wondering how to lace the buckles, search no more. They can be placed on the shoes by intertwining the laces through the back part of the buckle and tightening the laces at the end, creating a smooth and fit appearance that will provide great comfort. The number clips are placed at the heel of the shoes and allow dancers to be correctly identified, while also adding dazzle to their costumes.  
 These buckles and number clips are crafted from lightweight materials, in silver or golden tones, that are both resistant and stylish, to perfectly accompany dancers in their competitions. The buckles come in different rectangular sizes or even shapes as Irish shamrocks, known for representing the Holy Trinity but also love, hope, and faith. The buckles and number clips are designed with shiny rhinestones in beautiful shades like Aurora Borealis Rhinestones, the most appreciated crystal color for dance costuming. These accessories are durable and charming, guaranteed to catch everyone’s attention whenever attached to Irish shoes. Keilys proudly celebrates the tradition of Irish dancing and offers numerous Irish dance buckles for hard shoes and soft shoes and number clips, designs with iconic elements.