Foot Care

When people think about Irish dancing they think of the beautiful costumes, the dazzling spins, and the high energy jumps, but they never speak about the foot care that goes into it. Probably one of the most important and time-consuming parts of the life of a dancer is just how much work Irish dancers have to put into ensuring their feet remain healthy and as undamaged as possible. Our foot care section is full of great foot care for items geared towards the feet of dancers and all their needs.
We have Irish dance foot care items that cover all of the basics of dancer foot care including heel padding, bunion cushions, bunion guards, and toe tape. All of these items are the first step in proper foot care. When it comes to being a dancer you are hardest on your feet and they can take a lot of damage from all of the jumping, toe lifts, and spins. All of the friction and shock that occurs from Irish dancing leads to callouses that eventually form into uncomfortable bunions and corns on the pads of your feet and toes. They can either be very painful or benign but either way, they are a great irritant.
For the blisters and bunions that form due to friction that occurs in your dance shoes while spinning and moving across the floor bunion guards and jelly tips can help to pad your toes and bunions from forming more bunions or increasing the size of your bunions. Jelly tips are placed around your toes individual toes depending on where you find your calluses form and where the most friction occurs in your dance shoes. Toe tape works the same way preventing any chafing from occurring between your toes.
Space packs work in a very similar but they are placed around the 2nd toe, separating the 2nd and 3rd toes and shifting the big in line with big toe joint. The separation of these three toes helps to reduce inflammation in the bursa. The bursa is a fluid sack that sits between your bones and the surrounding skin, usually at a joint point. With constant friction, the bursa becomes inflamed resulting in swollen feet and aching joints.
Another hazard of being an Irish dancer is cut toes, so we provide spacers in our foot care category. One second you're completing a pirouette and the next your toenail has dug into the adjacent toe. With your toes being pushed so close together, especially during pointe work, small cuts can occur but spacers can help prevent that by ensuring that your toes have their own space within your dance shoes.
If you are a dancer who participates in point a lot then our collection of gel toe pillows are the perfect protection for your toes. Our gel toe pillows completely cover your toes and the pads of the soles of your feet and come in various sizes like long and extra-long. The extra cushion between your toes and your pointe shoes helps protect your toes from cuts and extra blisters. And for full protection for your heels and soles, you can invest in our full body foot undeez that act as soft ballet flats. Your toes are left exposed for barefoot floor work while the soles and heels of your feet are covered with extra padding for the balls of your feet.
A lot of a dancer’s ability to dance is dependent on the health on their feet. Taking the time to find out what methods work for you and how to properly treat and care for your feet will allow you to continue to do the thing your most passionate about, dance.