Celtic/ Irish Sun Catchers

Celtic and Irish Stained Glass Suncatchers

Give your home glittering colors with one of Keily’s Celtic or Irish stained glass suncatchers, fireplace screens, glass windows, panels and more Celtic stained glass designed decor. From shamrocks to Celtic knots, you’ll love these stunning stained glass suncatchers and panels. We have a wide selection of vivid and authentic Celtic inspired designs for you to choose from, including Irish shamrock stained glass , Claddagh Ring designed panels , Irish blessing design , Welsh Dragon inspired gothic panel, Celtic knot designed stained windows and more unique designs. Our stained glass windows and sun catchers also come in multiple shapes—you can find round, rectangular, triangle and square shapes to fit any window or door you’re looking to hang a panel in. Each design will show off a little Irish or Celtic culture while also giving your home some extra color. Add Irish or Celtic heritage to your home by choosing one of Keily’s Celtic stained glass suncatchers, windows, panels and fireplace screen to spread sunlight throughout your home. Find the perfect Irish stained glass suncatchers for your home.

What is the oldest stained glass in Ireland?

The Irish heritage is steeped in craftsmanship and the celebration of the innate creative spirit of humanity. The practice of decorating and using stained glass in Ireland finds its roots in religious contexts, as they were firstly used in churches. It is believed that the earliest examples of stained glass in Ireland can be traced back to the 14th century, displaying a fusion of Roman and Greek artistic influences along with profound religious symbolism. A glimpse into the original grandeur of Bishop Ledrede's windows can be inferred from the west window at York Minster, constructed in 1338. This stained glass window stands as one of the most ancient surviving instances of stained glass still in its original location in Ireland.

What do suncatchers symbolize?

Suncatchers and stained glass panels are not just visually appealing elements of decor; they also serve as energetic instruments in spiritual rituals and Feng Shui practices believed to protect the space and people against negative and unwelcome energies. By capturing the sunlight energy they infuse the space with a sense of vitality and radiance.

Where should I place my suncatcher?

Certainly, because suncatchers are designed to diffract light through special holographic lenses, they will create the most beautiful displays of light and color in your space when they are placed in windows that receive direct sunlight. Look for the right spot in your home that has a good sun visibility and will fit the panel size and you can enjoy its stunning effects.