Rutherford Hard Shoes

The epitome of a father’s love and dedication toward his children, we proudly present our which Rutherford hard shoes. John Rutherford – a native to Cootehille, Co. Caven, Northern Ireland – poured out all his creative faculties and created dancing shoes so exceptional that his children captivated everybody on the dance floor. A father of five children, who were all involved with competitive Irish dance, Rutherford noticed that the sound quality of the heels and tips of the dancing shoes used in those days needed improvement. During those times, the hard shoes were made of plastic and a thin layer of fiberglass. Rutherford experimented by making heels completely out of fiberglass, instead of the classic plastic. He also changed the tips and made them using his special mixture of fiberglass. This methodology succeeded and began bringing people to the Rutherford house for customizing their shoes. Seeing the popularity, Rutherford launched his Rutherford Irish shoe company in the 1970s, which is now so famous that many of the best dancers in the world prefer the Rutherford shoe ranges to any other product in the market. Our Rutherford hard shoes bring the same level of finesse on your feet and give you the competitive edge to own the dance floor.
Our shoes are crafted with 100% pure leather, which is of top-notch quality to say the least. The sole of our Rutherford hard shoes is supremely flexible and long lasting. When you look into our collection, you will be amazed to witness that we bring an amazing value for money to the table and give you the best hard shoes in the market. The sole of our Rutherford hard shoes is so flexible that it often bestows a low breaking-in period to every shoe we have. This gives you the freedom to enjoy the incredible characteristics of the shoe at your own pace. There are zero compromises in quality and longevity when it comes to our Rutherford hard shoes. The flexibility of the soles makes it easy for you to fully flex your feet. This gives our shoes an added advantage of being excellent for toe walks and toe stands. With our Rutherford hard shoes, you can jump right into the dance floor and allow the super flexible shoes to do their magic. Be ready to be mesmerized with our Rutherford hard shoes.
Popular for their breath taking booming sound, our Rutherford hard shoes are currently the loudest hard shoes that provide the most accurate heel clicks you can ever witness. The heels of our shoes combine the artistic innovation of John Rutherford with the latest advancements in technology and bring forth a shoe range that combines tradition with technology. The heels of our Rutherford hard shoes are bolted with absolute precision. They are also crafted with fiberglass in their entirety and bring supreme quality and comfort in a single package. Our collection also supports the famous Sound Blaster tips. The Sound blaster tips are specially made of a micro sand mixture, which allows the loudest clicks to bang on the dance floor. The tips are also sturdy and make our shoes slide on the dance floor without letting you slip. The soft leather uppers of our Rutherford hard shoes mold themselves to your feet, making it feel as if you are walking on thin air. The often touted feeling of ‘flowing on the dance floor’ comes easily with all the shoes in our collection. The Rutherford hard shoes are hard in their durability and velvety in their comfort, bringing you the best of both worlds.
With these exceptional attributes, it stands to reason that our Rutherford hard shoes are the biggest bang for your bucks. Check out our collection now!