Trinity College Official Merchandise

We have a great collection of Trinity College official merchandise for you to choose from. The historic Trinity College has been in establishment since 1592 and has held up as a prestigious place of learning throughout the years. Many proud Irish men and women have attended Trinity College, expanding their education and their lives through the teaching at the school. Today people can show their pride for the beloved college through Trinity College official merchandise. Our collection of Trinity college Merchandise includes a selection of shirts and sweatshirts for you to choose from.
Our Trinity College official merchandise shirts come in both long and short sleeves depending on your preference. All of our Trinity College shirts have a crew neck and pair well with a pair of jeans or shorts for more of a casual look. You can layer the short sleeve t-shirts with a long sleeve undershirt during the cooler months. If you want to layer the love sleeve Trinity College shirts you can add a jacket or a plain zip hoodie when you need a bit more warmth. Wear them for game days, as your walking around campus, or out to your favorite pub. You’ll love the comfort and color options you have with our Trinity college shirts.
Our Trinity College sweatshirts are also extremely comfortable and come in a range of colors. We have a few different styles for our Trinity College sweatshirts that will keep you warm and show your school pride. You can get a classic pullover hooded sweatshirt with Trinity College displayed across the chest. Or you can change it up with a hooded zip up sweatshirt that will allow you to wear your sweatshirt open or closed depending on your preference. All of our hooded Trinity College sweatshirts have drawstrings in the hood to allow you to adjust the size of your hood.
We also have a collection of crew neck pullover sweatshirts as well if you are not a fan of hooded sweatshirts. You can throw our pullovers on over a short or long sleeved t-shirt. Or pair our Trinity College official merchandise crew neck pullover sweatshirt with a collared shirt to dress it up a bit more. You can wear any of our Trinity College sweatshirts for a casual look as you venture out for the day wandering the streets of Ireland. Pair them with either jeans or shorts, and even layer them with a denim Jacket to add more warmth during the colder months.
The majority of our Trinity College shirts and sweatshirts display the Trinity College coat of arms next to the Trinity College logo. The coat of arms for Trinity College features a lion passant on the top left corner and the Irish harp in the top right corner. An unclasped bible rests at the center of the coat of arms and below it an arched gate with towers on either side, both with a flag, one a cross the other a saltire. The lion passant is associated with Royalty of can be seen on many royal coat of arms.
Trinity College, or the University of Dublin, was founded by Queen Elizabeth I in 1592 and was meant to be modeled after the prestigious universities of Cambridge and Oxford. It is Ireland’s oldest surviving college and is considered highly prestigious due to its long history. It rivals Cambridge and Oxford for notability and the acclaim of graduating from the university.
Graduates of Trinity College have a proud history backing them as they go out into the world and they leave college knowing that they attended a university that has been able to maintain some of the highest levels of academic achievement in the world. Any Trinity College graduate or current student would be proud to let anyone know of their affiliation with Trinity College. You can stay in comfort and style with our Trinity College official merchandise.