Corrs Irish Shoes

Corr's Irish Dance Shoes Collection

If you are a dancer, you definitely know about Corr’s Irish Shoes and just what a great Irish dance shoe they offer. They put a lot of time and dedication into hand-making their Irish dance shoes to ensure their product features comfort, quality, safety, durability, and affordability. Corr’s creates innovative products that people know they can trust. Our collection of Corr’s Irish dance shoes contains both ghillies and hard shoes. 
Corr’s Irish dance shoes are perfect for both competitive Irish dancers and beginners alike. Their shoes are known for their comfort and their ability to be worn immediately with little to no break-in time needed. Their hard shoes create crisp clear sounds when tapped on the ground so every step you take counts. No more muffled clicks, every click of your hard shoes comes through defined. And as you’re clicking your way across the floor, the buttery soft leather uppers of the shoe will comfortably hug your feet. 
The leather on their hard shoes is of very high quality and much more flexible than that of standard ‘Benz’ leather. Their leather is also extremely durable and very resistant to cracks in the leather. When they are handcrafting their hard shoes, they both stitch and glue the soles to the leather ensuring their shoes last you for many years before signs of wear and tear appear. 
Corr’s Irish dance soft shoes are also a thing of beauty when compared to all of the Irish ghillies in the world. You will almost think you aren’t wearing shoes at all when wearing Corr’s ghillies. The way the soft leather molds to the shape of your feet and easily flexes when you do will have you in awe. Your pointed toes will become the envy of your community. All of their ghillies shoes are perfectly padded to absorb shock and protect your feet from damage caused by landing on your feet. 
Corr’s Irish soft shoes are designed for dancers who have experience dancing on hard, unsprung floors. So, padding was a huge factor in the creation of all of their soft shoes. Julian and his company Corr’s Dance Shoes work with dancers to test out the padding in his soft shoes to properly install padding that fully protects their feet from damage.

Designed & Handcrafted by Dancers for Dancers 

Corr’s is a company focused on providing comfort and durability to dancers in the form of their hard and soft shoes. Corr’s Irish Dance Shoes was established in 2001 by Julian Wild, a dancer himself, who introduced the first sample of Corr’s Irish Shoes to wholesale dance shoe companies in England. They asked Julian to handcraft a collection for Irish dancers that would be the embodiment of safety and comfort. The goal was for the shoes to be accepted and loved by dance teachers and dancers alike, all while maintaining an affordable price point. 
He found his niche once he realized that there was a lack in the safety and comfort aspect of Irish dance shoes. He did a thorough study of what the Irish dancer needed in terms of performance with a focus on what kind of work was done in the shoes. Julian also took all of the knowledge he gained from his own time as a dancer and applied it to the design of his Corr’s Irish dance shoes. 
Corr’s Irish shoes focuses on creating shoes that are affordable and comfortable, as they continue to set the standard for the next generation of safety and comfort. Corr's Irish dance shoes are a distinguished brand that separates itself from the competition and drives itself to be one of a kind. Handcrafted and designed by dancers for dancers.