Irish Shirts

Our collection of Irish shirts come in a variety of styles that all have one thing in common, Ireland. All of our shirts are made in Ireland by talented designers who take inspiration from their homeland to create wonderful prints that pay homage to the Emerald Isle. Our printed Irish shirts add a bit of fun and style to your look that basic plain shirts don’t. The prints on our shirts will be an instant conversation starter. In our collection of Irish shirts we have miscellaneous shirts, performance sportswear shirts, novelty shirts, Ireland printed shirts, and even Guinness shirts as well.
Many of our prints have bold images that usually rest in the center of the chest area so that you can proudly show off your Irish shirt. You will find classic Irish symbols like Celtic knots, a staple of Ireland that has become one of the most widely used types of symbol in Irish art. You can find the popular symbol in metal work, jewelry, wood carving, and even the famous Book of Kells. A lot of our shirts also have the national symbol of Ireland the shamrock.
Even before St. Patrick himself adopted the shamrock as his favorite metaphor for the holy trinity the shamrock was a symbol of Ireland. It was also used to represent the mother, the maiden, and the crone of old Celtic religions due to its three leaves. The shamrock and its color was also the symbol of warring Irish parties and eventually became the national symbol of Ireland, like the rose for England and the thistle for Scotland. So of course many of our shirts that pay homage to Ireland use the shamrock in many of their designs.
To further show just how proud you are of Ireland you can pursue through our collection of shirts that have the word Ireland printed on the front in bold capital letters. Even from far away people will be able to read your shirt and see how you rep your country. The color and design of the print of the word is dependent on the shirt but you can find many different styles in our shirt collection giving you plenty of options to wear everyday of the week.
Our Irish performance shirts will stand out on the field with you as you play a game of rugby. The prints on our performance shirts will let everyone in attendance know that you represent team Ireland. And not only do our performance sports shirts look good they also feel good. There will be no worries of overheating when wearing our Irish performance sportswear shirts. The breathable fabric prevent heat from being trapped and wicks away sweat as you get into your work out.
And for the Irish beer lover who wants everyone to know just how much they love Guinness we have a collection of Guinness shirts that anyone would love. The beloved brewery known for their perfect stout beer is also a connoisseur of clothing merchandise. Our Guinness shirts come in a range of different prints and colors, all with the Guinness logo sitting front and center. They come in different neckline styles like crewneck and polo collared neck.
You can dress up or dress down any of our Irish shirts depending on your personal style. Pair our shirts with a pair of jeans or a pair of shorts for a casual look, or dress them up a bit with a pair of khaki pants. You can also layer our shirts as well, for our short sleeve shirts you can add a long sleeve undershirt or a jacket for extra warmth. And as for our long sleeve shirts you can add an undershirt or layer it with a flannel or a zip up sweatshirt.