Irish Apparel

You will find unique and special pieces within our collection of traditional Irish apparel for men, women and children. Some of our apparel will outright scream Ireland while others carry the classic charm of Ireland with traditional clothing styles and patterns created in Ireland. In our collection we have a multitude of categories for you search through. Women's, men’s, and children’s apparel can all be found here. We have hundreds of Irish apparel items including sweaters, traditionally knit Aran cardigans, t-shirts, sweatshirts, or Irish sportswear you’ll find it in our Irish apparel category.
Our selection of Irish apparel includes the most modern and up to date Irish wear that will keep you in the know on trendy items and new fashionable finds. You will always be in style no matter the time of year thanks to our selection of Irish apparel. We also have a great range of Irish apparel inspired by traditional Irish garments whose design has stood the test of time. You’ll love the comforting vintage feel of our traditional hats and sweaters. Our knit sweaters include beautiful Aran patterned sweaters that carry the spirit of the traditional Aran sweaters created in the fishing community of Aran Ireland.
The quality of our Irish apparel is very evident to see and feel. All of our garments used the most high-quality fibers possible, including soft textured merino wool and breathable cotton. A lot of care and attention goes into the production of the apparel that we provide. Our Irish clothing is selected with the utmost care, you’ll find garments for both yourself and your loved ones, providing you with apparel options that you will love. If you have little ones our adorable selection of children’s apparel provides cute finds that your little one will love to wear. You’ll find a great collection of cardigans, sweaters, and hats to get your little ones through any season.
We also have a supply of Irish hats, scarves, and ties in our Irish apparel category. Our collection of Irish wear will suit any need you have. So if you want novelty Irish goods, St.Patrick’s day t-shirts and hats, or items that you can wear during any time of the year you will find all of that here. For all of the hat lovers out there we have various style and color options, with a collection of knit hats, baseball caps, and specialty Irish hats. We provide a selection of wool and cotton knit hats in styles like beanies, pom-pom embellished hats, Aran headbands, and Ireland bobble knit hats.
Irish apparel has come a long way from what it used to be. In the past, the style of Irish clothes was very dominated by wool and animal skins. They would also piece together scraps of wool cloth together to create coats called mantles, with a belted tunic called placed underneath that hit the knees of the wearer. The rich were able to add make their mantles fashionable by using a multitude of different colors to create their coats. No matter the time the Irish people have always taken pride in their state of dress whether through color, embroidery, or fabric choices.
The people of Ireland have much to be proud of when it comes to the craftsmanship that comes from the Emerald Isle in terms of clothing production. And our collection of Irish apparel highlights that expert craftsmanship offering stylish selections that proudly represent Ireland. Find your new favorite scarf, sweater, hat, or cardigan in our Irish apparel section. We also have authentic Guinness merchandise including hats, ties, and scarves that are produced in Ireland.