Irish Glassware

Ireland is known for many things, including creating exquisite Irish glasswares and crystals which has been part of the cultural heritage of the country. Being one of the most fascinating world cultures, Ireland has captured the imagination of many countries with its vibrant heritage glassware and dining centerpieces dating back as far as the 17th century.
With a line of glasses that include clear stem goblets, coffee mugs, and tulip glass pewters, anyone looking to have merriment can find the right Irish glassware for their special occasion.
Designed by quality makers, including collections from limited series, these dining ware sets are the embodiment of luxury and elegance. The crystal decanters are exquisitely personalized with a touch of the old Irish national symbols to create a lasting impression of loyalty and patriotism. Such crystals can be given as a gift during special events and memorable occasions as memorabilia or a token of appreciation.
Whether you are attending a wedding reception, a family gathering, corporate event, or a simple social gathering, these Irish crystals embody the real mark of Ireland and its distinct symbols. Each glassware is designed with the most familiar emblems of national pride including the shamrock, Celtic knot, the Celtic Swirl, and the Claddagh symbols.
What makes this collection of Irish glassware unique is its passion for reviving the cultural heritage of the country. Not every dining ware possess the epitome of Celtic culture, but these beautiful crystal dining wares all represent the real Irish traditions with its eccentricities and uniqueness. All the glassware are made with delicacy, and the designs capture the real essence of Ireland from the brass finish to the silver plating.
If you own an Irish pub, this glassware provides an authentic feel to your business ambiance. They can be used to serve a customer’s favorite drink or displayed in a counter stand, imbibe the real feelings of an Irish watering hole. Pewter glasses with the Claddagh symbol shows familial relationship and devotion while the shamrock sends a strong message of good omens of faith, hope, and love.
From beer to sherry glassware, these drinking glasses come in a myriad of designs to meet its purpose and demands. They are made to fit every occasion and choosing the appropriate Irish glassware falls under every user’s discernment. These unique homewares can be the perfect addition to your cupboard and laid out during the Holidays of special family gathering or events.
This Irish glassware also makes the perfect gift for your friends and family or mark a special milestone of friendship. They can be used during times or merriment or displayed as memorabilia. This Irish glassware has been part of our everyday culture with many people finding ways to enjoy a moment. Because Ireland is known to be one of the most patriotic countries, never is there a moment when friends gather around and share a glass of their favorite drinks. This Irish glassware can kindle the occasion and make it a remarkable time.
This glassware is made with the cultural symbols of the Celts to provide an authentic feel to your home or business ambiance. Paired flutes can be used during weddings or special occasions to commemorate a milestone, life changes, or various other important events. High-quality glasses with intricate cultural emblems to showcase the Irish people’s passion for elegance and luxury.
This glassware is made using ancient techniques handed down from generation to generation. They are aesthetically Irish, and the products are traditionally manufactured the Irish way. These glasses are made from high-quality crystals with designs that are made to mark those important milestones and make them truly remarkable.