Rutherford Soft Shoes

A magnificent collection of our Rutherford soft shoes is waiting to jump at you and bring you supreme and untouched quality. Around 40 years ago, John Rutherford faced dire circumstances when his children were performing in a dance completion. He, like any great father, wanted them to have a competitive edge, and for which, he created the now famous Rutherford shoes. Since that time, Rutherford Products has supplied shoes to Liam Harney, Michael Flatley and Jean Butler of Riverdance. The Rutherford soft shoes are an elegant memoir of John Rutherford’s dedication and love for his children. He created the fiberglass heels and tips back in the 70s to help his children own the dance floor. Later, this became the foundation of all dancing shoe tips and heels, and now, is the cornerstone by which every shoe is judged and scrutinized. With our constant attention to quality over quantity approach, we bring the same shoes to you. Available in an updated and technologically advanced version, our Rutherford soft shoes collection is supremely comfortable and outlasts the shelf life when compared with other products in the market.
The shoes that we boast in this collection are comfortable to put on and fit snuggly to match your movements. Not only are your movements made more graceful, your technique is also superbly enhanced with the leg support that the shoes in our collection provide. The sole of our Rutherford soft shoe collection is always 100% pure leather which slides easily on the dance floor, and yet, maintains a firm grip on the floor. This makes it easier for you to move around while knowing that you are safe and secure due to the firm sole. The sole of our collection is also high-quality and gives you a sense of comfort on the floor. It feels light and secure; thus, making your technique better with every passing day. If you feel like flying on the dance floor, give our Rutherford soft shoes a try and enchant everyone in the vicinity with your mesmerizing maneuvers.
The shoes that we boast have technologically advanced tips and heels that are tailor-made to win any competition. The insole of these shoes is also superb in that it supports your feet and legs and protects them from injuries by providing an awe-inspiring shock resistance. The shoes, due to the expert craftsmanship that went into creating them, are touted to have an optimum support for every dancer. Many of them have a poron insole, which is urethane foam that is being used in the Hubble Telescope to make sure all gaskets and brackets are properly sealed. It is a space-age technology and gives our Rutherford soft shoes a competitive edge in the market.
On top of that, our collection is a top-notch guarantee of superior quality, performance, and craftsmanship. The Rutherford soft shoes are super lightweight, comfortable and long-lasting. They come off as a worthy investment and bring you the highly coveted ‘flow state’ on the dance floor. Since a lot of research, fine tuning, refining, and constant improvement has gone into our Rutherford soft shoes, they are the very best in the market. Plus, the pocket-friendly price along with the superior quality makes them a no-brainer. Check out the fabulous collection of our Rutherford soft shoes and bring home the best pair that suits your needs. No matter if you are a beginner who is just starting your ‘happy feat’ journey or a seasoned expert who is ready to captivate on the dance floor, our Rutherford soft shoe collection is well-suited to everyone and everybody.
Have a look at our awesome and investment-worthy Rutherford soft shoe collection and be ready to be enthralled.