Track Jackets & Hoodies

If you enjoy the outdoors in all seasons, like to play sports or simply wish to be comfortable and stylish, Keilys Irish Dance and Gifts has the perfect pieces to meet all points on your checklist. These Irish track jackets, hoodies, and sweatshirts have been uniquely designed to fit any occasion, while they are perfect for chilly weather, they can be used in a variety of Irish events such as St. Patrick's Day. Our pieces are perfectly crafted from high-quality durable materials such as breathable cotton, or flexible polyester, great for enjoying outdoor and indoor activities. These Irish track jackets and Irish hoodies ensure you can easily move and remain comfortable throughout the day, whether you enjoy sports or simply wish to wear a cozy piece of clothing.

Traditionally Designed Irish Jackets & Irish Hoodies

Keilys takes pride in supplying authentic and quality Irish Track Jackets & Irish Designed Hoodies and Irish Sweatshirts that will not only upgrade your look and feel but transform your normal clothing into a timeless piece of Irish art. These iconic pieces have Celtic designs and symbols that have deep-rooted meaning to the people of Ireland. These symbols have been part of Irish history since the 7th century. Celebrating Irish culture, these pieces are designed with traditional elements from the harp symbols, the shamrock, Ireland wording imprint, Caric, and Ceoil, to intricate variations of Celtic knotwork. The Irish shamrocks and Celtic trinity knot are symbols associated with the Holy Trinity. The three leaves of a shamrock are also said to stand for faith, hope, and love. The Celtic triskelion features symmetrically arranged loops that offer a unique appearance to any piece of garment. The cotton-made hoodies designed with Ireland inscriptions are a great way to proudly flaunt your passion for this beautiful culture while taking care of yourself.

These unique Irish Track Jackets & Irish Hoodies go well with most clothing, including jeans, casual wear, and even sweatpants. Perfect for colder seasons, some of these items have ¼ zips, hoodies, long sleeves, mock necks and more, and can be layered under a cozy jacket for extra warmth. When the weather starts getting warmer, you can choose a piece with a zipper or light build material, so you move freely and remain dry. When paired with multiple outfits, these pieces are perfect for an evening at the pub, a night out in the town, St. Patrick's Day, or family events, just don’t carry them to a suit and tie event.