Ezeefit Skins Thin Ankle Booties for Blister Prevention

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■ Pull-on heel protectors that ensure comfort for enthusiastic Irish dancers

■ Crafted from durable and stretchy 100% polychloride, with thick padding that grips the shoes, preventing slipping

■ The microfiber interior offers a silky and smooth feel to the skin

■ Can be worn under socks without worries about the material showing


Extra comfort is the perfect accessory for any lover of Irish dancing, especially for those who compete and celebrate the heritage of this dance style. Our Ezeefit Skins are made from 100% polychloride, a durable, soft, and stretchy material that ensures to protect your heels from any unwanted painful blisters. This item features thick padding that will grip your shoes and will prevent any slipping when performing. The microfiber interior lining acts like a silky second skin, for an extra touch of comfort and protection. You can wear this heel protector under your socks and you won’t even notice it. Because traditional Irish dancing is an energetic style that requires a great deal of movement, these pull-on heel protectors are a great addition to any dancer’s must-haves. Move freely and stay comfortable with our Ezeefit Skins heel protectors.