"Headbands may be an insignificant accessory, but they have played a role in the history of women suffrage. Ancient women, including Queen Boudicca, has been highly regarded as leaders and plays a pivotal role in the move towards women’s equality. She is famous for her red-gold locks with two long plaids help by a headband. This may be customary, but the history of headbands also speaks for its influences taken from other cultures.

Though these pieces of hair accessories take a small role in a woman’s life, they are part of what keeps a woman’s hair in place. They are great pieces of accessories to keep hair away from the face and prevent hair grains from reaching the eyes. It was customary for ancient Celtic women to use headbands or use a headdress to keep their hairs in place.

Nowadays, women have the right to style their hair according to their wants, and using headbands still does not fade from everyday fashion. Young girls benefit a lot from using head accessories to prevent their long locks from interfering with their play and daily activities. Headbands can also be the perfect accessory for a cultural event or family gatherings. They bring an absolute authenticity to your Celtic costume and helps create a real vision of the real old world.

The Celtic design stands out as one of the most noticeable cultural emblems with loops of accentuated lines and a central symbol that manifests the cultural beliefs of the people. This symbol is the highlight of the accessory, allowing people to distinguish its design and cultural significance. Headbands with the Trinity and Pearl or the Triquetra design bring a new meaning to the power of faithfulness and kinship.

By many accounts, symbolism in the Celtic culture is strongly influenced by its rich cultural background and the development of a unique civilization that stood out through societal evolution. This little trinket is an artistic reminder for the glories of women and how the hair becomes an essential part of a woman’s identity.

The Celts have always had an elegant way of accentuating their hair with headbands taken from the Roman influences. This simple head accessory creates a whole new look different from the braided style of the old days. A headband is an essential accessory if you want to create a chic and classy way of presenting your hair without the need for various other hair ornaments. It keeps your hair in place and takes away the pains of swiping your hair from your face.

A headband usually does the trick of keeping your wild lock away from your face. Most Celtic women are known to have thick and unruly hair which often interferes with everyday routine. A hairband accentuated with a Celtic design provides more than just your ideal hair accessory but also gives a real sense of identity.

These Celtic headbands are designed with consideration to its cultural significance and are presented in a beautiful polish. They are made from durable metal, and the designs are carefully crafted to give the wearer a clean and elegant appeal. A headband also brings out a touch of personality to the wearer and when used during cultural presentations and formal Celtic events, give off an authentic feel to a performance.

These headbands are made from high quality and adjustable bands to fit head different head sizes. The intricate Trinity and Pearl design can be the highlight of your head accessory and easily identified with your cultural identity.

The headband is designed to be lightweight so a wearer will not notice its presence. This accessory is an excellent gift to your nieces and female family members to show their love for the Celtic culture. "
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