Keara Single Curl Bun Wig

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■ This bun wig has a neat, clean style that offers a loose single curl pattern that will add great polish, definition, and volume to your hairstyle.
■ This bun wig is easy for anyone to apply and comes with one comb at the front for a secure fit.
■ The built-in elasticized drawstring on this bun wig will make sure that your hair and therefore your whole look stays together while you’re dancing it out on stage!
■ This wig is easy to wear and for more volume, it can be placed over a large donut worn over your own hair. This wig can also be worn by all ages.
■ This wonderful Keara Single Curl Bun Wig is made by Antonio Pacelli, a respected brand that has been making Irish dance shoes and accessories for over 40 years and is based in England.

If you want to add some fun style to your Irish dance hairstyles while still keeping it neat and classic, then this Keara Single Curl Bun Wig is the accessory for you! Available in a wide range of colors, this bun wig offers a loose single curl pattern that adds just the right amount of volume and definition to your hair-do, which will make you a chic standout when you’re on stage! This bun wig is easy to apply and includes one comb at the front for stable securement. The wig is also designed with an elasticized drawstring that provides extra security, which is a must during a riveting Irish dance performance! Able to accommodate special style options, this bun wig can fit over a large donut for dancers looking for some extra volume. This gorgeous bun wig is available in four fun color options: Black, Rich Dark Brown, Copper Red, and White Platinum Blonde & Gold Platinum Blonde. Suitable for all ages, this bun wig is a fabulous way to complete your Irish dancing looks with charming, memorable style!