Men's Ireland Green Celtic Knot Baseball Cap

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■ Celtic baseball cap with embroidered knot and Ireland detailed design
■ Deep green hues, alluding to the verdant landscape in the Emerald Isle
■ Made from breathable and absorbent cotton, ideal for prolonged wear
■ One-size fit and pull-on style, will complement all wearers and head sizes 

We have the perfect piece for anyone who enjoys timeless, meaningful headwear pieces! Our Men's Ireland Green Celtic Knot Baseball Cap is as durable as it is stylish. The design showcases an embroidered Celtic knot design with ‘Ireland’ embroidering underneath.


The knotwork is a representation of the Celts’ belief in the connection between all things in the universe - they were deeply connected to nature and each other. The Ireland embroidery allows you to showcase your national pride and support for this country, which is also known as the land of the shamrocks. This cap has a classic baseball cap structure and we’ve selected the highest quality cotton to craft it. Your skin will stay dry and comfortable thanks to the breathability and absorbency properties of the material.


This one-size piece is expertly designed to complement all wearers and the pull-on style allows you to easily adjust it. You can style this cap with a Celtic knot T-shirt or gift it to a friend to bring them some Irish joy!