Aran Boyfriend Cardigan

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■ This Irish cardigan is crafted from 100% Supersoft merino wool, a resilient, wrinkle-free, and sustainable choice for your comfort

■ Expertly knitted using the traditional Aran stitching technique – offering breathability and optimal heat insulation for year-round comfort

■ Enriched with Aran cable, honeycomb, and basket stitches that add an intricate texture, while carrying unspoken blessings for good luck and protection

■ Relaxed fit cardigan with a loose v-neck, convenient front pockets, and football buttons, that is perfect for layering, offering versatility and style for various occasions and outfits


Elevate your style with our Aran Boyfriend Cardigan, a timeless piece that will quickly become your wardrobe favorite. Crafted from 100% Supersoft Merino wool, an organic material that is ethically sourced from Merino sheep, this cardigan provides a durable, luxurious, and eco-conscious choice for your dressing. An incredibly soft material, Supersoft Merino wool is also resilient and wrinkle-free. Moreover, Merino is renowned for its moisture-wicking and heat insulating properties, which makes it the perfect choice for year-round wear – great to have at hand on a cool summer evening, and to warm you up in those chilly fall & winter months.

The design of this cardigan is a celebration of Irish tradition and meaning. Enriched with Aran cable, honeycomb, and basket stitches, this cardigan tells a story of good luck and protection. The cable stitch, a classic pattern in Aran knitwear that resembles fishermen's ropes, were knitted by local women as a wish for their husbands safety and good fortune during their sea ventures. The honeycomb stitch symbolizes the bees, their diligent work and the sweet rewards of labor, while the basket stitch, resembling fishermen's baskets, brings forth notions of good luck and a good catch.

Rooted in history, the Aran stitches’ techniques were originally used to enhance insulation of raw wool sweaters worn by Irish fishermen. This traditional technique guarantees both optimal heat insulation and breathability, providing maximum comfort without causing overheating.

Designed for versatility, this relaxed fit cardigan features a loose v-neck, convenient front pockets for you to carry your essentials, and football buttons. It's perfect for layering, effortlessly complementing various occasions and outfits. Pair this Irish cardigan with classic jeans for a casual look or layer it over a dress for an added touch of warmth and style.

Our Aran Boyfriend Cardigan is made by Aran Wollen Mills in Ireland, boasting excellent craftsmanship and authenticity. Its timeless charm and functionality make it a wardrobe essential for every season, and a perfect gift choice that will surely leave a lasting impression.