Cable Cowlneck Poncho

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■ OurCable Cowl Neck Poncho is made up of 100% Merino Wool proving a soft to the touch feel.
■ You will always feel comfortable in this poncho no matter the weather thanks to its breathability and natural wicking ability.
■ A beautiful oversized cable design forms the central pattern on the beautiful poncho while lovely geometric ribbed stitching gives this poncho an undeniable elegance.
■ One Size Fits All. Available in Natural White, Army Green, and Grey.
■ Our poncho will fit any occasion, you can dress this poncho up or dress it down depending on your needs.

The poncho that we all know and love today originated hundreds of years ago in South America. The design was simple, a piece of fabric with an opening for your head and the sides were left open so the fabric just draped over your body. It was the perfect layering piece, a portable blanket if you will. At the start people who wore ponchos were big fans of them due to their functionality. They were used as protection from the rain, for warmth, and to ward off the wind. In fact, they were so functional that they were even been worn by soldiers back in the late 1800s during times of war. Ponchos for military use continued throughout the years playing key roles in rain protection for both U.S. and German soldiers during WWII.

Since that time ponchos have been adopted by many different cultures and countries. Today ponchos have a different purpose which is mainly fashion. The turn from functionality only to fashion began once it was introduced to the West in the 19th century. The style of the long, ankle length ponchos changed to shorter hip-length ponchos. Media like Clint Eastwood’s film The Good The Bad and The Ugly helped to spread the visibility of the poncho and up its popularity. This item has become a wardrobe staple allowing people to find them in a multitude of styles and colors.

Our Cable Cowl Neck Poncho manages to be functional while looking good. Like the classic Aran sweaters this 100% Merino Wool sweater is great at protecting against moisture. The natural wicking ability makes sure that sweat isn’t trapped on your body by absorbing the sweat and releasing it into the air. Merino wool also has the ability to absorb about 35% of its weight in moisture before it begins to feel wet, keeping you nice and dry.

The cable stitch that adorns the front of this poncho is a symbol of luck and safety, thought to represent the ropes of Aran fishermen. With its chunky knit, the poncho beautifully updates the classic Aran style for a contemporary design. The neckline is topped with a high, cowl collar that is super comfortable.

The sky's the limit on how you can style this poncho. You can wear this on a casual day out at the market or on a night out on the town, dress it up or dress it down. Layer this poncho over a short or long sleeve tee with jeans and a pair of boots, or throw it over top of a cocktail dress before you head out for some fun. You can even use it to snuggle up on your couch with a good book and a cup of tea.