Super Soft Merino Wool Poncho with Cowl Neck

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■ Constructed of 100% Merino Wool keeps you warm and comfortable with none of the scratchiness common with other wool types.
■ The poncho is designed with a mix of cable, diamond, and basket stitches, each an example of Aran timeless sweater designs. They symbolize the ropes, seaweed farms, baskets and nets that offer sustenance to the people of the remote islands.
■ This one-size fits all poncho is available in Classic Aran white and a lovely Ink Blue.
■ It is designed and crafted by Aran Woolen Mills Ltd in Ireland, a renowned Irish company with a long history of producing quality authentic Aran garments.

Simple, yet sophisticated, this magnificent Super Soft Merino Wool Poncho with Cowl Neck from Aran Woolen Mills is the ideal neck turner destined to be an all-time cold-weather outfit. Its beautifully knit mixed stitch patterns are highlighted by thick gauge wool that is used to design it, ensuring utmost comfort and sophistication. Crafted with 100% merino wool with an eye-catching mix of stitches.

Traditional Aran sweaters were designed with a crew neck, this sweater in comparison borrows ancient Aran patterns applying them in a distinctly modern fashion. The turtle neck and mix of patterns are bold statements, with deep representations from Irish cultures. This sweater, though modern, picks from both new age and old-fashioned designs resulting in a mix that is set to stand out in any occasion.

The cable, diamond, and basket stitches are Irish knitwear classic design that give this gorgeous sweater a wonderful texture and depth. Each of these stitches holds a special significance to the people of the Aran islands, who for decades have been living off the sea, through harvesting seaweed and fishing. The cable pattern on this sweater is representative of the fishing ropes used by fishermen signifying a good catch. The diamond patterns are symbolic of the diamond-shaped seaweed farms on the remote islands of Aran, as well as the nets used for fishing signifying good fortune. The basket stitches like the cable stitch signify a good catch and are representative of the basket used for fishing in Aran culture.

The Aran sweaters have a rich history. The name was derived from the Aran islands located off the West coast of Ireland. The original Aran sweater had an off-white color, with cable patterns designed on the sleeves and body. Traditionally, these sweaters were crafted using unscoured wool that naturally retained its natural oils, that gave the sweaters a water-resistant nature. The distinct style of knitting was developed to provide better insulation for the wearer compared to a flat sweater since air gets trapped in raised patterns and warming up the body. Ever since, these distinct patterns have become emblematic of the rugged landscape beauty of the island as well as its Irish occupants.

Available in Classic Aran and Ink Blue, this lady’s cardigan is ideal as a fashion statement for chilly occasions. Its vibrant colors and distinct knitting design are eye-striking and give a sense of sophistication and comfort.