Funnel Neck Aran Poncho

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■ Made by SAOL, leading manufacturer of traditional Irish knitwear
■ 100% Merino Wool for a top quality experience - soft to touch, warm, comfortable and breathable
■ Charming design, combination of a jacket and a poncho, with handy details, such as a high collar, two front pockets, half length sleeves, full front zipper
■ Encapsulates Irish culture and history in authentic manner - cable knit pattern, a symbol for good fortune for the traditional Irish fishermen
■ Stunning Sterling Silver Trinity Knot zipper - symbol of Christianity, representing the Holy Trinity


Looking for a piece that you can wear all winter? Our SAOL Funnel Neck Poncho Jacket is the perfect addition to your closet this cold season! Made by SAOL, leading manufacturer of traditional Irish knitwear, which combines modernity with the old craft of knitting. Made of 100% super soft Merino Wool, our cardigan is top quality that will last for years to come. It is very soft to touch, warm - great for chilly days, comfortable, yet naturally breathable. In order to best preserve its brand new condition we recommend hand washing or dry cleaning only. The design is a combination of a jacket and a poncho. With a high collar and front full zipper, the cardigan can be worn in multiple styles, depending on how you like it. The zipper comes in a Trinity Knot shape, which is a symbol for the Holy Trinity that represents Christian faith in Ireland. Other handy elements are the half length sleeves and two front pockets. Apart from the stunning design, this poncho jacket is convenient enough as it comes in 5 colors: Charcoal, Army Green, Natural, Grey and Navy. The sizes are S/M and L/XL. The cable knit is a very popular one in Ireland, making a reference to the traditional Irish fishermen and their ropes and nets and it is a symbol for good fortune.