Irish Zipper Wool Cardigan with Mock Turtleneck

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■100% MERINO WOOL: This versatile cardigan sweater is made of pure, top-quality Irish wool. This kind of wool provides insulating warmth, moisture-wicking breathability, and premium softness
■ RAISED COLLAR: A thick, raised collar embellished with intricate cable patterns gives this cardigan a regal, formal touch that is especially great for formal looks. It also provides extra warmth for the neck. Turtleneck collars have been trendy for years; a turtleneck cardigan is a good way to stay warm and fashionable.
■ FRONT POCKETS: Both practical and stylish, the two front pockets add lovely symmetry to the sweater and keep the hands warm
■ ARAN STITCHING: The sweater is knit using the lovely Aran Cable knit patterns that represent a fisherman’s ropes and prayers for safe and fruitful fishing voyages.
■ AUTHENTICALLY IRISH: Aran Woollen Mills is the creator of this fabulous sweater and is based in Westport, County Mayo in Ireland. This famous brand is actually Ireland’s biggest home-based knit wear manufacturer


Wear a true piece of Ireland with our Irish Shaped Zipper Wool Cardigan. Made of 100% Merino Wool, this Irish Cardigan ensures softness and breathability. Merino Wool is a natural and warm material made from Merino sheep. It also has temperature-regulating properties and great moisture resistance, making sure that you can comfortably wear the cardigan during the summer as well as in winter. This cardigan showcases a traditional Aran stitch design that finds its origin on the Aran Islands, the West Coast of Ireland. It displays Cable stitches, one of the most popular patterns in Irish knitwear, and a symbol of good luck. The cable knit is said to represent the fishermen’s ropes - the local women knitted this stitch for their husbands as a wish for safety and good fortune when going out into the sea. The design also incorporates a richly textured basket stitch, a wish for a bountiful catch. This vintage design is topped off with a mock turtleneck that adds warmth and patch pockets for extra convenience. The elegant zip makes this cardigan easy to layer with other clothes, adding to the piece’s versatility. Level up your wardrobe with an Aran staple with our Irish Shaped Zipper Wool Cardigan.