Men's Irish Aran Crew Neck Sweater

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■ Constructed from 100% pure merino wool, for comfortability and capability to regulate body heat once worn.
■ It is designed with authentic Aran stitches with a mix of diamond and moss patterns, a feature that sets it aside from other sweaters giving it a unique, timeless appeal with deep cultural symbolism.
■ Made in Ireland and offered by SAOL, a renowned distributor of authentic Aran products from the remote Aran Islands in Ireland.
■ Available in variable colors and sizes, making it ideal for any person’s taste.
■ Features the original crew neck design popular with ancient Aran sweaters.


Striking authentic Aran design, this Mens Merino Wool Aran Sweater is a timeless garment from SAOL Collections that is not only uniquely designed but powerful enough to connect you to the Aran Islands of Ireland. The Mens merino wool sweater is crafted with a mix of Aran stitches, a true depiction of its heritage, with a classic, timeless look. Made from 100% merino wool, this sweater is guaranteed to keep you comfortable and warm during the chilly season. It is also available in variable sizes and colors and is the ideal treat that fits any personal taste.

In ancient Aran culture, the Aran sweater was designed with a crew neck. They had iconic Aran patterns that were symbolic with their way of living. The residents of the Aran Islands located off the West coast of Ireland were farmers and fishermen. The original sweaters, just like this one, were designed to cope with their way of living and had definitive cable patterns that ran through the body and sleeves. Originally, the sweaters were woven unscoured to preserved the natural lanoline oil from the sheep’s wool. These natural oils gave the sweaters the water-resistant capabilities that made them ideal clothing for the rugged islands of Aran.

Aran Sweaters are commonly distinguished by their patterns. These patterns form beautiful designs that run across the garment, that make them appealing and unique. What you might not know is these stitches hold deeper meaning for the people of Aran Island. For instance, the Mens Merino Wool Aran Sweater includes diamond stitches that are symbolic of the nets used for fishing and seaweed farms in Aran. These patterns represent wealth or good fortune. Traditionally, the diamond patterned sweaters were worn on fishing expeditions to give them good luck so that they can return home safely, and also bring a good catch. Inside the diamond stitch, is the moss stitch, that is named after the Carrageen moss seaweed, that Aran farmers are known to collect from the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

Aran sweaters have an interesting history. While the rest of the world caught wind of these unique designs after a Vogue photoshoot back in the 1950s, these sweaters are part of the Irish heritage and a distinct part of their culture. These sweaters were first seen with the inhabitants of Aran Islands that are located off the West coast of Ireland at the mouth of Galway Bay. The Aran islands only offered farming and fishing as sustenance, forcing its inhabitants to live an intertwined lifestyle between the two. The sweaters as a result of their livelihoods were also crafted to fit within their productive fishing and farming lives. Designed with 100% natural wool, these sweaters were both comfortable and rugged enough to beat the elements. The Aran sweaters are still regarded as the ultimate Irish heritage symbol to date.

The Men's Merino Wool Aran Sweater is offered by SAOL collection, a renowned Irish product offering company that is popular for its authentic Aran sweaters and garments. SAOL collection is widely acclaimed for its wide selection in home goods, apparel, and Irish knitwear. Their products all have a distinct Aran pattern that dates back to the 20th century.

The Men's Merino Wool Aran Sweater, without doubt, is a striking, timeless sweater ideal for most occasions. Its versatility makes it a favorite in your closet, due to its distinct unique style and how easily it matches other outfits.