Aran Belcare Ladies Roll Neck Merino Sweater - Oat

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■ Crafted with 100% Merino wool that keeps you warm and comfortable with none of that scratchiness experienced with other types of wool.

■ Designed with cable and diamond stitching a classic example of Aran heritage symbolizing the ropes of fishermen, and seaweed farms that offered sustenance.

■ Designed and crafted in Aran Islands in Ireland by Aran Woollen Mills, a geographical location long known for crafting some of the most iconic Irish Arans available.

■ Unique, stylish side slits for easier movement and perfect blend coverup over jeans and leggings.


A head turner, this ultra-unique Aran Cowl Neck Tunic Sweater fit for any occasion, will bring out a sophisticated designer look even in the chilliest of weather. The stylish sweater features an iconic Aran Cable design that not only symbolic to Irish culture but also brings out a deep fashion sense.

This multi-occasional garment features neat Aran stitching patterns that have been blended to perfection. Crafted by the Aran island community, this stylish sweater from Aran Sweater Market is designed with extra length that allows for the split on both sides, which is a defining feature on this classic style tunic sweater. The cowls offset the tunic beautifully achieving a high fashion designer look with premium quality and feel.

The Aran sweaters have an interesting background. The name was derived from a set of islands off the West coast of Ireland where the sweaters first originated. Aran sweaters are a symbol of Irish Clan heritage, passed down from generation to generation. The combinations of stitches on the garment are far from incidental. Those who understand them, know they impart vast amounts of information about the island’s fishermen and farmers. Originally a piece of men’s formal wear, this sweater is currently a popular garment for both men and women.

The Aran cable design common in many Irish sweaters adds a uniquely stylish texture and depth to the sweater. Each pattern on this beautiful sweater has a significance to the people of Aran Islands who for generations have lived off the sea as fishermen and farmers. The unique cable pattern though stylish, represents the ropes used by fishermen and signifies the hope of a good catch. The diamond-shaped patterns, on the other hand, are representative of the nets used by the fishermen as well as the seaweed farms unique to the Islands.

The Aran sweater was first designed and worn by the residents of Galway Bay, a remote Island in the West coast of Ireland. Due to its isolated location, the island offered little subsistence for its inhabitants except for what was provided by the sea. Its rugged and stony nature called for a need of warmth, and especially when the cold Atlantic winds blew from the west. While the Aranian unique pattern of knitting is stylish to the modern ages, it was developed as a way to provide better insulation compared to a flat sweater. The idea is to get air trapped into the raised patterns heating up and stabilizing your body temperature. Ever since, the unique patterns are iconic of the rugged beauty that represents the islands and the Irish people.

The Aran Sweater Market, established in 1892, has a long history in the craft industry. The company was founded with a vision to safeguard original Aran products. The company has slowly developed from being a cornerstone of a small Island community in Inis Mor to one of Ireland’s leading suppliers of original Aran knitwear. With markets all over Ireland including Galway city, Killarney, Dublin as well as the Aran Islands, the Aran Sweater Market work with the best of the best to provide authentic Aran culture through knitwear to the global market. Available in variable colors, this Ladies Aran Cowl Neck Tunic Sweater is perfect for a chic designer look over leggings or jeans when it gets chilly.