Men's Irish V-Neck Sweater

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■ 100% Merino Wool

■ Traditional Irish Knit Patterns

■ V-Neck Collar

■ Classic Natural White


Our Men's Irish V-Neck Sweater is a small adaptation of the traditional crew neck Irish sweater for when you want a little variety in your wardrobe. It layers a little easier with collared shirts and ties, while still giving you the classic Irish knitting patterns found in Aran sweaters dating back generations.

The central honeycomb pattern on the front and back is bordered by elegant cable stitching, a motif that is carried through to the sleeves creating a perfect balance. These knit patterns were first developed by home knitters on the Aran Islands for rural fishermen to wear on their daily voyages. The raised texture of the patterns allowed the cool air from the Atlantic winds to be trapped in the thick wool and heated by the natural warmth of the body, creating a reinforcing cycle of insulation. Today, they are renowned for their intricacy and traditional Irish roots, immediately evoking the rugged beauty of the west of Ireland and native Celtic style.

The honeycomb knit is traditionally representative of the hard work of the honeybee and signifies the sweet rewards of labor, while the cable stitch derives from the ropes of Aran fishermen and is thought to augur good fortune. Traditional ribbed stitching finishes off the design at the collar, cuffs, and waist.

This sweater is knitted from 100% soft Merino wool and available in the classic natural white of raw sheep's wool, from which the very first Aran sweaters were made, without the attendant scratchiness.

Hand wash in lukewarm water with mild detergent. Reshape and lay flat to dry.