Aran Men's Zipper Merino Sweater

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■ Constructed from 100% pure Merino wool that’s globally recognized for its comfort, warmth, and heat regulating abilities.
■ It is designed with traditional Aran island stitches that are not only symbolic to their way of life but also have a deeper meaning in Aran heritage.
■ Has an iconic half zip design, the wearer can either choose to have the stylish ribbed collar worn up or down depending on taste.
■ Is available in natural navy colors and in all sizes from extra small to extra-extra-extra-large.
■ Made in Ireland and offered by SAOL collection, renowned for their wide selection in authentic homespun Aran island accessories, knitwear, and apparel.


A simplistic stand-out design, this cool Aran Fisherman sweater will bring desired sophistication to any look and is destined to be a cold-weather favorite in any wardrobe. The sweater from SAOL collection features beautifully knitted patterns that are highlighted by thick 100% merino wool, ensuring both comfort and sophistication. Its eye-catching tan leather zip adds a polished feel to the stylish ribbed collar. The zipped-down open look is ideal for warmer days and zipped-up for cold-weather. Its zipped-down V-neck sweater style is perfect for formal gatherings, and during summer it can quickly change tack giving an appealing rugged, versatile look.

The Aran fisherman sweater is a sweater style gets its name from the remote Aran islands located off the west coast of Ireland. These sweaters were designed with the inhabitant’s way of life in mind. The original fisherman’s sweater has an off-white color and is designed with defined cable patterns on the body and sleeves. These sweaters were natively knitted using unscoured wool that is known to retain its natural oil that made these garments water-resistant, meaning they remained wearable even when they got wet from fishing activities at sea. The Aran sweater is capable of holding 30% of their weight, and won't easily get soaked when they are exposed to water.

The Aran fisherman sweater is designed with cable stitch, the trellis stitch and the tree of life stitch that all add a wonderful texture and depth to the garment. In Aran culture, these stitches hold a specific significance to the inhabitant’s lifestyle on the sea. The patterns, while symbolic to their way of life, also hold deeper meanings. The cable stitch, for instance, perhaps the most common type of stitch on Aran sweaters is symbolic of a fisherman’s ropes representing a good catch. The tree of life stitch is a spiritual fabric-based blessing that represents the wish for a long and happy life upon the wearer. The trellis stitch is an analog to the stone walls that are iconic to Aran lands.

Aran sweaters get their names from a set of islands that are located on the West coast of Ireland. These Islands can be found on the mouth of Galway Bay on the Atlantic Sea. The traditional Aran people were fishermen and farmers, and as such, the Aran sweaters were designed in this environment passed down from one generation to the next. It is because of this history that the Aran sweater is regarded as the ultimate Irish Clan Heritage symbol. These knitting styles are very popular in garment craft circles by those who understand and respect its symbolism and origin. SAOL collection offers one of the largest selections of authentic traditional Irish knit apparel, home goods as well as accessories. All their products are inspired by the rugged home knit Aran Island patterns. The knit styles offered by SAOL date back to the 20th century from the remote islands off the West Coast of Ireland. These islands to date still practice ancient Irish way of living.

If you are looking for a handsome Aran knit sweater that showcases true Irish craftsmanship with a fresh perspective of traditional Aran Island design, Aran Fisherman sweater is an ideal choice. It’s crafted and woven with the finest merino wool and is prized globally for its comfortability, softness and sweat-wicking abilities.