Aran Crew Neck Men's Sweater

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■ Crafted with 100% pure merino wool that is globally acclaimed for its comfortability, softness, and unrivaled ability to sustain heat.
■ The sweater is designed with authentic Aran stitches, the honeycomb and diamond stitches that are appealing to look at and have deep symbolism in

■ Aran heritage for good fortune.
■ It is designed with the original classic crew neck style similar to those worn by traditional Aran people.
■ A product of Ireland and offered by SAOL collection renowned for its wide selection of Authentic Aran products.
■ Available in variable colors and sizes from which the wearer can choose from.

Bold and enduring, this Traditional Mens Crew Neck Aran Sweater by SAOL collection is the next best thing against the cold chilly weather. The Aran sweater is no doubt a phenomenal piece of clothing; ever since it was first shot by Vogue magazine in the 1950s photoshoot, it has been an epitome of Irish clothing heritage. Worn for centuries by fishermen who lived at the West coast islands of Ireland, the Aran Traditional Men’s crew neck sweater is a versatile staple for your summer, winter, and autumn closet. Perfect under a smart jacket or over a shirt, it gives an eye-catching appeal wherever you go. Crafted with 100% Merino wool, this timeless Irish clothing features iconic stitches distinct to Aran culture and heritage.

The Traditional Mens Crew Neck Aran Sweater is part of the original design made by the Aran. These sweater’s features were designed with their way of living in mind. The inhabitants of the Aran Islands located off the West coast of Galway Bay in Ireland were fishermen and farmers. The original Aran sweaters had definitive cable patterns that ran on the sleeves and body of the sweater. These sweaters were originally woven unscoured to preserve the sheep’s natural lanoline oil that made them water resistant. An aspect that protected them from the harsh elements they experienced at sea fishing.

The Aran sweaters are popular for their stitches. These stitches to the common eye might look appealing but hold deep symbolic meaning to the natives of Aran Islands. The Traditional Mens Crew Neck Aran Sweater features the iconic honeycomb stitch, which is symbolicof the bee and the result of its hard work. It represents good luck. It also features the diamond stitch which is symbolic of the seaweed farms in Aran islands as well as the shapes of the nets used by fishermen out at sea. The diamond stitch represents good fortune. Together these stitches form an appealing pattern as well as a hidden message.

Aran sweaters carry a deep history. While their fashion sense exploded with a simple photoshoot back in the 1950s by Vogue magazine, these sweaters pay homage to Irish heritage and are a strong part of their culture. The Aran sweaters were first worn by the inhabitants of Aran islands; these are remote islands that are located at the mouth of Galway Bay off the West coast of Ireland on the Atlantic sea. The only sustenance these lands offered its inhabitants was farming and fishing, and from their way of living, its people designed the now popular Aran sweaters. These sweaters were designed to beat the harsh elements the people faced at sea and while cultivating their farms. Though constructed with natural wool for comfortability, these sweaters were water resistance and rugged. The Aran sweaters are regarded as the ultimate Irish heritage symbol.