Women's Aran Cable Knit Merino Sweater

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■ Crafted with 100% merino wool to offer comfortability while bringing out a sense of sophistication and timeless fashion.
■ Features Honey and Cable stitch design that gives both a gorgeous and stunning look as well as a deep Aran traditional significance for success and good fortune.
■ Sweaters are available in variable sizes from small to large, with several colors to choose to match your desired taste and look.
■ Authentic sweater crafted in Ireland by real Aran communities living in the small islands of Inis Mor and supplied by Ireland’s leading sweater supplier.
■ Organic and natural fibers help sustain body temperature as well as allowing it to stretch and retract back to its natural form for a perfect fit.

A stunner, the Women’s Merino Aran Sweater worn in natural white will bring out comfort as well as flamboyance to any look. It is the ideal garment if you are looking to have a sophisticated look at a cold-weather event. The unique, gorgeous patterns iconic of the sweater are highlighted by thick 100% merino wool combines an authentic Aran look with all the comfort that this particular wool is famous for. It is designed with a mix of both cable and honeycomb stitches that not only bring out its Irish authenticity but offer a fashionable look. It’s button-less, the pocket-less design gives a no-frills aura perfect for the modern woman on the go. This sweater holds the true feeling of Aran heritage, its mix of stitches, use of merino wool, and pocket-less, button-less design run parallel with the ancient livelihood of the ancient fishermen and farmers of Aran islands. Originally, this sweater, was formal wear fit for farm life and sea, over the years, it has become a favorite piece in both men’s and women’s closets. Its natural organic fibers allow it to stretch and retract back to its natural shape, a feature that’s ideal for wearers looking to reveal their curvature.

The cable and diamond stitching patterns are deep-rooted in Irish knitwear designs. They add depth and texture to this magnificent garment. While these patterns might seem like appealing designs to the common eye, they hold special significance to the people of Aran Islands from the West coast of Ireland. For centuries, the descendants of these remote islands live off the sea through farming and fishing. The honeycomb patterns are symbolic of a bee, which represents hard work and good returns. The cable patterns, on the other hand, are representative of the ropes that fishermen use, symbolic of a good catch. Wearing this garment isn’t only a fashion statement; it’s a representation of good fortunes, success, and achievement from hard work.

Aran Sweaters have a long history. The natives of Aran were hardworking fishermen and farmers isolated in the Aran Islands located on the West coast of Ireland. These sweaters were originally crafted and designed for a life in the rough stony islands. The only sustenance the inhabitants of these great islands had were offered by the sea, whether it was fishing or harvesting of seaweed. The Sweater’s distinct patterns were developed as a way to offer better insulation compared to a flat sweater design since air gets trapped in the raised patterns providing the much-needed warmth. Ever since, patterns have become a norm, and are embolic of the island’s rugged beauty as well as its inhabitants.

This sweater is crafted and designed by Aran Sweater Market, a company that was founded back in 1892 with a deep vision to safeguard the authenticity of Aran garments by supplying original Aran sweaters. The Aran Sweater market began supplying authentic Aran garments from a small island community of Inis Mor, quickly spreading its reach as Ireland’s leading supplier of original Aran sweaters. Their products are popular due to their devotion to providing 100% authentic Aran, design, construction, and finishes in knitwear. They have markets in Dublin, Killarney, Galway as well as the Aran Islands.

If you are looking for a knitwear design that will not only bring out your unique taste but also your deep sense in culture as a fashion statement, the Women’s Merino Aran sweater is a perfect choice.