Ireland 4 Province Short Sleeve Kids Rugby Top

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■ Premium quality, comfort, and style – all these make the shirt comparable to more expensive shirt brands.
■ The shirt comes in various sizes fit for boys from 6 to 12 years old so you have wider size choices.
■ The shirt fabric is made from 100% cotton so the wearer would be completely comfortable, plus it’s breathable and not difficult to wash and dry.
■ The shirt’s nationalistic design makes it an excellent garment to wear on national events or as souvenirs for tourists.
■ It can be paired with any kind of pants, shorts, or jackets so you have wider style choices. Style, comfort, and tradition come together with this classics rugby polo shirt from Lansdowne.


The green shirt color is chicly complimented with the traditional shamrock crest design and the crisp white shirt collar. The shirt sports a complementary white stripe printed with the word “Ireland” for authentic Irish color.

The shirt is 100% cotton so it’s very comfortable to wear regardless of the weather. It’s also machine washable so no need to worry about color bleeding or being too extra cautious when doing the laundry.

This triple buttoned polo shirt is effortlessly stylish and is definitely a must-have for young Irish fans. Because of its triple button, its neckline size is perfect --- not too tight and not overly wide. The manufacturer currently supports shirt sizes for kids with ages from 6 to 12 years old so you can select the right fit for each body size.

You can wear it on any occasion because of its casual design. You can step out in the morning, stroll to the mall, and then attend a semi-formal event in the afternoon wearing the same shirt. On cold weather, you can pair it with a bomber jacket for a more comfortable yet stylish look. It will also still look stylish and fun in biker, denim, trucker, or blouson jackets.

The shirt is made from premium materials to make sure that it’s durable, breathable, and provides maximum comfort. Being official merchandise of Lansdowne, this polo shirt has been made part of the Traditional Craft line of the brand.

Because of its authentic Irish design, this shirt is perfect for showing patriotic spirits. This can be worn during national events to show support for your fellow citizens. It can also be a perfect giveaway for tourists as a memorabilia of the time they spent in Ireland.