Live For Rugby Black Irish Harp Breathable Rugby Shirt

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■ The Harp Ireland Breathable shirt which is available in a black variation has multiple sizes that include XS and XXXL.
■ The iconic Harp Ireland Breathable shirt is a remarkable combination of casual and classy that can be worn by anyone.
■ It has a “Live for Rugby” design on the left chest which makes it a perfect gift for sports enthusiasts.
■ The fabric used for the Harp Ireland Breathable shirt is made of top-grade polyester that has passed strict industry standards.
■ The Harp Ireland Breathable shirt comes with a vertical stripe that starts from the hemline and ends in the sleeve.

Rise to the occasion with our fine-quality Harp Ireland Breathable shirt. Tailored after the national emblem of Ireland, this high-performance fabric is decked with three-button twill rugby placket and an authentic harp design on the left chest.

What makes it a cut above the rest is its flexibility, allowing it to be customized and make it a perfect fit for anyone. After all, it is our duty at Malham to provide customers with a well- fitting and quality shirt without breaking their banks.

Unlike the typical tee, our Harp Ireland Breathable shirt is specially fashioned by seasoned tailors who know the importance and significance of the rich culture of Ireland. For years, we have been providing tourists from different parts of the globe with authentic and durable jackets, shirts, hoodies, and accessories.

By the same token, the materials used to create our products undergo quality assurance checks. This is our way of making sure the clothes and accessories we distribute can be treasured by the wearer for a long time.

More than anything else, we at, Malham also care about everyone’s personal style. So, we made it our priority to include a contrasting white collar along with vertical and horizontal stripes to our Harp Ireland Breathable shirt. This makes it stand out and capture the attention of anyone.

Our Harp Ireland Breathable shirt is made of 100 percent polyester which simply means it is sensitive to the temperature and is resistant to shrinking and wrinkles. In addition,, the fabric is also made of strong fibers with the ability to stand the test of time.

Best of all, our Harp Ireland Breathable shirt is carefully packaged in a box to make sure it will arrive in one piece to our clients.