SuperSoft Merino Wool Aran Cable Scarf

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■ Our SuperSoft Merino Wool Aran Cable Scarf is 100% made of natural fiber and 100% crafted in Ireland. In short, we can guarantee its authenticity.
■ The natural crimp of the wool from the Merino sheep makes it have more bulk compared to the other fabrics. With this, it can hold more air which keeps its wearers warm.
■ With our Aran scarf, wearers need not worry about their allergies. The merino wool is hypoallergenic, thus, ensures that it is safe even to the most sensitive skin.
■ Our scarf’s material is water-resistant. As such, it repels moisture, which usually causes the growth of mildew and mold – among the most common causes of allergies.
■ Our company assures all customers about enjoying the value of their money. It is our commitment to only provide you with the best service and product.

The SuperSoft Merino Wool Aran Cable Scarf is a perfect fashion piece. This product from Aran Woollen Mills boasts of impressive craftsmanship, which is obvious in every piece that a customer buys. This is carefully handcrafted from extra soft merino wool using the traditional Aran knitting style. Thus, this fashion essential surely carries with it the rich culture of Ireland as well as its awesome history. Meanwhile, its size, which is approximately 8” X 62”, is enough to bring warmth to anyone during the cold days.

Being made from 100% merino wool, this product promises comfort to whoever uses it. One can easily observe its fine fiber, which is responsible for its soft feel. Aside from that, the long fiber of merino wool is stronger than other materials, making it a smart choice. In addition, the long fiber traps heat more efficiently than others, too. Therefore, users can lessen the coldness they feel when this Aran scarf is wrapped around their neck. For some of the fashion-conscious individuals, its softness is also one of the main considerations. With this attribute, styling is easier when using it. Available in Natural or Irish Sea Blue, it is perfect with any wardrobe.

With the authentic Aran scarf, the users will take with them the history of the highly-textured knitting patterns. These came from the Aran Islands found on Ireland’s west coast, and also in the counties of Galway and Clare. The Aran craftsmanship can be seen not only in scarves but also in sweaters, mittens, socks, and hats.