Scotland Long Sleeve Striped Rugby Shirt

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■ The Scotland Long Sleeve Striped Rugby Shirt provides a casual comfort. Its classic design makes it a perfect option for a weekend ensemble.
■ It is a versatile piece of clothing. It can be paired with walking shorts or pants. It can also be worn during the day or night.
■ It is sporty at the same time, thus, wearing it does not make anyone look too formal. The sporty touch adds more oomph to its classic finish.
■ It is durable since it is made of 100% percent cotton. With its premium material, the shirt can surely last long.
■ Aside from the interesting design of this shirt, Keily’s also packages it well. Therefore, one will always be proud when this is given as a gift to a special person.

Do you want to stay classic yet classy at the same time? The Scotland Long Sleeve Striped Rugby Shirt can help you exude such style. This apparel from Keily’s is a pullover in contrasting stripes of navy blue and grey. The striped design makes it look classic, while its materials and other features make it classy. On the left portion of the chest, you can see the Scottish thistle embroidered on it. Meanwhile, the “Live for Rugby” logo can be seen on the right side. Making an accent on the twill navy blue collar is the three light grey buttons.

This rugby tee is made of 100% cotton which makes it comfortable to wear all day long. You do not have to worry about getting too sweaty and uncomfortable when wearing it. Its material is breathable, thus, it does not trap the heat. In the meantime, its insulation keeps you warm during the cold days. And in case your skin is sensitive to several allergens, you are safe with cotton clothing. Its fiber is known to be hypoallergenic. In fact, dermatologists are recommending it if you have skin allergies.

The craftsmanship of this product is another reason for you to pick it over the others. The manufacturer has made sure that the Scottish tradition of awesome craftsmanship is seen in this fashion staple. Meanwhile, the Scottish thistle, which is the country’s national emblem, makes you feel proud of your roots. It brings you back to the story of why it was named a national symbolism. Accordingly, the thistle was the reason why the supposed invaders in the 13th century failed in their attempt. It was shared that one of the soldiers of Haakon stepped on the plant and cried so loud because of pain. With that, the Scots woke up, making them defend their land successfully.

This rugby shirt features a design that embodies Scottish people’s love for their country and the sport. It symbolizes their desire and commitment to continue such a legacy. Thus, if you are a certified rugby enthusiast, this must be a treasured piece for you! Or, it can also be the most ideal gift for anyone who loves the sport.