Rugby Side Zip Pocket Sweatshirt

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■ Irish rugby shirt masterfully crafted of high-quality poly-cotton blend for long-lasting comfort and durability
■ Culturally inspired embroidered design featuring Ireland’s flag on the right sleeve, Shamrock crest with 'Ireland' lettering, and the 'LFR' logo
■ Incorporates a versatile crew neckline, long sleeves, and a side YKK zip pocket for added practicality
■ Our rugby sweatshirt makes a unique Irish gift for sports lovers and fans of Ireland’s vast culture


Stay warm and comfy in unique Irish style with our Rugby Side Zip Pocket Sweatshirt, an embodiment of culture and coziness!

This Irish sweatshirt is finely crafted from an excellent quality poly-cotton blend, providing all-day comfort. The poly-cotton blend is not only incredibly breathable and soft but also durable and highly resistant, making it ideal for sportswear.

What makes this shirt truly stand out is its culturally inspired design, showcasing the Irish flag on the right sleeve, a shamrock crest with ‘Ireland’ embroidery, and the ‘Live for Rugby’ logo. The shamrock is one of the most popular Irish symbols, alluding to the ideas of love, faith, and hope, as well as being a representation of the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity. Legends say that St. Patrick used the three leaves of the shamrock to explain the concept of the Holy Trinity to pagan Irish when converting them to Christianity.

This rugby sweatshirt features a crew neckline and long sleeves, making it ideal for many layering options and providing warmth. It also incorporates a zippered side zip pocket on the arm that provides a secure place to store items - a great addition when jogging or practicing sports.

Whether a treat for yourself or a culturally inspired gift for someone special, this Irish sweatshirt has it all - it is highly comfortable, versatile, and filled with cultural meaning.