Trinity College Dublin Crest T-Shirt Burgundy/ White

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■ High Quality 100% Cotton Made t-shirt - soft, comfortable, and naturally breathable
■ Authentic Irish design featuring the famous Trinity College- the white Trinity College crest on a burgundy background
■ Encapsulates a piece of Ireland, as the Trinity College is a leading university in Dublin, founded back in 1592
■ Convenient for everyone - the t-shirt comes in various sizes from XS to XXL


A t-shirt is a timeless piece of fashion, used to express statements. Make a statement and showcase your Irish roots by wearing our Burgundy Trinity College Crest Shirt! This piece allows you to wear a little bit of Irish history dating back to 1592. T-shirt made in Ireland, 100% cotton, which makes it soft, comfortable and very breathable. It is very easy to take care of and the material holds dye very well, meaning that it will preserve its brand new condition over the years. Available in sizes from XS to XXL so you can find the one right for you. The design was projected to offer a distressed look. The white Trinity College crest appears on a background of classic burgundy. It creates an overall relaxed, casual look as the short sleeve tee is a simple, yet stylish statement. Trinity College is situated right in Dublin and it is Ireland’s leading university, founded by Elizabeth I of England. It is a great and extremely versatile “gift from Ireland” for your friends or loved ones.