Ladies Black & Green Shamrock Socks

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■ Our Ladies Black & Green Shamrock Socks come with an elegant chic design.
■ These socks are crafted with a blend of premium fabrics for comfort and durability.
■ Our fancy Ladies Black & Green Socks comes with a shamrock design, perfect for St. Patrick’s Day.
■ This Ladies Black & Green Shamrock Socks is easy to care for since it is machine washable.
■ Our elegant pair of socks is an authentic product made in Ireland.

Nothing makes a comfortable day like premium quality socks, and what’s better than these Ladies Black & Green Shamrock Socks. They are extremely adorable, chic, and carry a deep sense of Irish pride. If you are looking to spark a smile on your young one’s face, get her these amazing pair. Apart from the high-quality build construct, their irresistible elegant style will transform any outfit. Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day, its fancy Shamrock design and green ribbon add sophistication and elegance. Pair them with a green dress and some fancy boots, these iconic socks will be a closet favorite.

Our authentic Ladies Black & Green Shamrock Socks are designed with a blend of premium fabrics including cotton 82%, Polyamide 16% and Lycra elastane 2%. These fabrics are sort for due to their comfortability, durability, and breathability for its comfort effects. It’s green trim also adds an elegant fashion sense paired with its green ribbon that is strikingly adorable. Our amazing socks are ideal for most people and fit all sizes from 4-9. The blend of unique premium fabrics also makes them stretchable.

This magnificent Ladies Black & Green Shamrock Socks come with shamrock designs that are a true show of love and pride for Ireland. Due to this, they make the perfect gift and souvenir to remember all the good times in Ireland. The Shamrock carries deep Irish meaning since it was used by St. Patricks During his Christian teachings of the Holy Trinity. He used the three leaves of the Shamrock to represent the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Our fancy Ladies Black & Green Shamrock Socks are a product of Ireland, sold and supplied by Keily's Irish Dance and Gifts. Keily's is world-famous for supplying authentic Irish products and wares. They source their Merchandise from leading craft houses and artisans in Ireland.