Hanna Hats Vintage Irish Tweed Cap Purple Heather

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■ Donegal cap handcrafted from extra-fine Irish tweed wool, premium quality material that will keep you warm all day long
■ Vintage Irish design, full-bodied hat with stud fastener on the peak, and taffeta lining for a perfectly tailored look
■ Unisex piece, in beautiful a beautiful and rich purple heather color that resembles the scenery of Donegal, Ireland


In search of a classic, yet timeless accessory that carries Irish heritage? Look no further! Our Hanna Hats Vintage Irish Tweed Cap Purple Heather is the perfect addition to your wardrobe this winter! Indigenous Irish caps like this one are made of premium tweed wool, being just right for the colder months, as they are very warm, yet perfectly breathable. The material is a luxurious choice, being soft, comfortable, antibacterial, and hypoallergenic. Full-bodied hat, with a stud fastener on the peak and complementary taffeta lining, for extra comfort. The cap design encapsulates years of Irish culture, adapted to modern-day fashion. A product that combines Irish wool with Irish hands when it comes to craftsmanship, our cap is designed in a style most frequently worn in Ireland, created in the 1960s. Such a vintage design never goes out of style. This piece is timeless and also very versatile, being suitable for both men and women. It comes in a variety of sizes - find yours in the table provided below. The colors used for this hat are representative of the scenery in Donegal. A beautiful patchwork in shades of purple is about to become a charming detail of your outfits.